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Greek souvenirs, top things to buy

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What to buy in Greece – Best souvenirs

Are you coming to Greece for your holidays? If you would like to buy a memento from your holidays in Greece or even a gift for your family and friends here you will find a comprehensive list of Greek souvenirs. From traditional Greek souvenirs to other smart ideas of things to buy.

  • Gold Jewellery

The Jewelleries in Greece are hand crafted and have beautiful designs. Some of the patterns are from the ancient days. You can find a lot of shops in downtown Athens or the islands.

Greek Jewellery store

Greek Jewellery store

  • Greek spices and herbs

In Athinas and Sofokleous street you can find numerous shops selling Greek herbs like oregano, thyme and spices like krokos Kozanis (safran) and many more. A shop that has big variety is in Sofokleous street and its called Bahar.

What to biy from Greece - Greek spices

Greek spices

What to buy from Greece = Greek herbs

Greek herbs

  • Greek traditional products.

Greece is famous for its local products. Some that you can take home with you include olive oil, olives, honey, rusks, sesame bars, halvas, spoon sweets, cheese, and sausages. There are many stores selling local products in downtown Athens, the islands and the airport.

Greek traditional products

Greek traditional products

  • Korres natural products

Korres is a Greek company with branches throughout the world that sells make up, face products like creams, sunscreens, body products, fragrances and many more all made from natural ingredients and Greek herbs.

Greek souvenirs - Korres natural products

Korres natural products

  • Leather sandals

The most famous shop that sells sandals in Athens is Melissinos or the Poet Sandal maker. He makes sandals since 1927. He has also made sandals to a lot of celebrities like the Beatles and Barbara Streisand. You will find him at 2 Aghias Theklas street, close to Monastiraki train station.

Greek souvenirs - sandals

Greek souvenirs – sandals

Melissinos shop

Melissinos shop

  •  Sculptures and bronze art

These are replicas from museum pieces. Many shops that sell these artifacts are in the Monastiraki area. Even better you can buy some unique Greek souvenirs from the museum shops.

Greek souvenirs - statues

Greek statues

  •  Wine and Ouzo

Greece has a large and high-quality wine production; therefore a bottle of wine is among the most popular things to buy in Greece. Another famous Greek beverage is Ouzo. It usually accompanies sea food in taverns.

Greek souvenirs - Ouzo

Greek Ouzo

  •  Mastiha Products

Mastiha is a product made from trees that only grow in the Greek island of Chios. It is considered to have many therapeutic benefits and a distinctive taste. From this shop you can buy products made from Mastiha like chewing gum, liqueur, traditional products or cosmetics. There is a Mastiha shop in Athens airport and in 6 Panepistimiou Street very close to Syntagma square.

  • Fur and leather goods

The area of Kastoria in Greece is famous for the production of fur. You can find a lot of shops in Monastiraki area selling fur and leather goods

Greek souvenirs - leather goods

leather goods

  •   Classical Souvenirs

You can buy the traditional  Greek souvenirs like ceramics, t-shirts with Greek logos, bags, the blue eye (protection from the evil eye), fridge magnets, natural sponges from Kalymnos and products made from olive wood.

greek souvenirs - blue eye

blue eye

greek souvenirs - olive wood products

shop selling olive wood products

  • Greek bouzouki

Whether  you are a music lover and would love to learn how to play a new instrument or you just want an item to decorate your house and be reminded of your holidays to Greece , a Greek bouzouki is the ideal thing to buy.

greek shop selling musical instrumets

shop selling musical instrumets

  • Handmade Backgammon set

Backgammon is a very popular game that people play in Greece. Especially old people in Kafenio (traditional coffee shop). It can be a very entertaining gift and a great decorative item.

greek souvenirs - handmade backgammon

greek souvenirs – handmade backgammon

I hope you found my list of things to buy in Greece helpful.

What did you bring home from your holiday in Greece?


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  • Chrysoula Manika

    It is a piece of craftwork and it sures deserves the money. Take a look at another store close by Mitropoleos 36

  • Nuno

    Great, thanks for the info! I first saw these olive wood backgammon boards a few days ago, during a visit to Greece. They seemed a bit expensive, but fact is that they are not just a board game, but a beautiful piece of wooden craftwork. I’m returning in a few days, and I think I won’t resist getting one! 🙂 Would you have any suggestion of a store in a non-touristic area, where maybe prices are a bit more convenient?

  • Chrysoula Manika
    The address is Ifaistou 11 very close to Monastiraki Metro station

  • Nuno

    Hi, could you please name the backgammon boards store? Thank you!

  • Chrysoula Manika

    I totally agree!

  • Grietje Evenwel

    I go for the spices 😀 Eating is a big deal while traveling. And a good way to get close to the experience you had while traveling. At home: just some herbst will bring that feeling back totally 😀

  • I brought back a recipe for real Horiatiki Salata. Okay, I’ll agree that there’s no actual “recipe,” per se, but it’s nothing like the Greek salads we get in the U.S. It’s so much tastier, in fact, that I felt compelled to share it on my travel blog as a favor to my readers. 🙂 Every time we make it I’m reminded of our trip to Greece, because I ate it every day we were there. It’s probably my favorite souvenir, ever.

  • DeafWanderlust

    I haven’t been to Greece, but these looks fastinating. The one that caught my attention the most is Korres!

  • I need leather sandals! I love buying all the really cheap kitshy stuff – it just makes me happy no matter where I go.

  • I love reading your guides to Athens! I know where to take family and friends to buy souvenirs when they come to visit now!

  • Carol Perehudoff

    I’d love to buy a real Greek antiquity some day, though I can’t imagine the paperwork. Maybe I’ll stick with a fridge magnet.

  • All great ideas for those who are into purchasing mementos. We are nomadic so our souvenirs have to be non-tangible! Saves having to decide but would love to be able to choose.

  • I’m not a souvenir person at all, but those backgammon sets look sick! might look to that when I visit greece 🙂

  • Curb Free with Cory Lee

    I want it all!!! Lol! But seriously, I love the spices and other foods. Foods are always the best souvenir I think.

  • Simon Gerald

    This is such a great idea for a post. And the list of item is huge. Lots of choices when i do visit Greece. Great post.

  • Megan Claire

    Great list! I would definitely be up for some greek spices and herbs!!

  • Christine Messina

    I’d definitely like to pick up some authentic Greek jewerly and wine!!

  • These look great! I think if I needed something to bring home from Greece I would go for wine or Ouzo, but those blue eye things are sure pretty as well. It would be hard to choose!

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