3 ways to see as many places as possible on a limited budget

There are plenty of ways that traveling can cut into your budget, many of which you might not expect after you’ve accounted for travel and accommodation. From tips, emergencies, and rip-off airport food because your flight’s delayed, to medical problems, a lot of the time these little problems can’t be predicted. The best way to travel on a budget is to try and maximize your style of travel in that location. No matter how cheap or expensive the country seems to be, there is always a way to stretch your pennies if you’re smart- right from the very beginning.


Interrailing in Europe is a great way to see the delights of the whole content, from ancient cities to gorgeous coastlines. It’s best to think of your Interrailing pass as a key to what many people consider to be the world’s most diverse and fascinating continent. With an Interrailing pass, many young people from all over the world regularly take in cities like Krakow, Berlin, Prague, Paris, and even use the pass on some ferries in Italy. It’s possible to sleep on the train between stops to save money (and only pay for a hostel every other night), while seeing the mountains, villages, lakes, forests, and fields drift by the window from your comfy chair with your travel buddies.


If you want to see more of the coast in general, or even specific coastal destinations such as the Greek islands, Venice, Barcelona, or the Caribbean islands, a cruise can be surprisingly good value if you’re flexible. It’s possible to get all-inclusive cruises so you don’t have to pay for any travel, food, drink, or accommodation once onboard. What’s more, if you look out for last-minute cruises with an open mind, you can easily find a great bargain for a holiday to ports and cities all over the world.

A motorbike tour

Meanwhile, in South-Est Asia, as well as backpacking, a motorbike tour of Vietnam is also a great rite of passage adventure for many young, adventurous people. Ever since the guys from Top Gear made a TV special showing the highs (and lows) of a biking odyssey through Vietnam, this has become even more popular. The rules and regulations can be a bit daunting when first reading them, but once you’ve sorted out your insurance, ride, and necessary documents, you’ll be in for a great journey through stunning landscapes while meeting many friendly people along the way. You can also stay in pretty cheap accommodation with locals and grab street food as you go- just be ready to negotiate with a smile on your face and know how to change a tire!


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