4 Reasons to Visit Mykonos and Santorini in Autumn

The Greek islands of Mykonos and Santorini are among the most popular destinations worldwide. During the summer months, the islands are packed with visitors from around the world making them too expensive to visit.

What is not so widely known is that Mykonos and Santorini are the perfect destinations for an autumn holiday.

The weather until the end of October might not be 40 degrees like in the heart of the summer but is still warm with the temperature averaging around 25 degrees. The temperature of the sea in Autumn is very pleasant for swimming and watersports, much hotter than in June. The cosmopolitan islands are less crowded, and you will be able to enjoy a calmer holiday.

The three domes in OIa, Santorini
The three domes in Oia, Santorini

The cosmopolitan islands of Mykonos and Santorini are less crowded, and you will be able to enjoy a calmer holiday. You won’t have to wait in lines to get into the archaeological sites, wake up earlier to find a sunbed and an umbrella at the beach or make early reservations for your favourite restaurant.

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You will even enjoy a more authentic Greek experience during Autumn, as the majority of tourists return to their countries and life on the islands returns to normal. When you go out you will meet more local people than tourists.

Visiting the popular Greek islands during autumn is much cheaper. You will be able to find many deals on flights and hotels during the off -peak season. It’s the perfect time to stay in a deluxe room on the caldera in Santorini or a fabulous beach resort in Mykonos.

The windmills in Mykonos
The windmills in Mykonos

Even though it’s less crowded in Autumn, everything is still open on the islands. Hotels, restaurants, bars, and local attractions stay open at least until the end of October.

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There are many things you can do in Santorini during October. Enjoy the stunning view of the caldera with the whitewashed houses and the churches with the blue domes. The blue waters of the Aegean Sea and the amazing sunsets over the volcano. Other options include wine tasting in one of the local wineries or a catamaran cruise around the island.  For more options on what to do in Santorini, you can read my post: 10 things to do in Santorini.

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The town of Fira in Santorini
The town of Fira in Santorini

You can also visit the cosmopolitan island of Mykonos with the narrow streets, white houses, many churches, amazing beaches and gourmet restaurants. You can spend your days relaxing at the beach, or you can do an excursion to the nearby island of Delos, home to one of the most important archaeological sites.  For more options on what to do in Mykonos, you can read my post: Things to do in Mykonos.

Sunset in little Venice, Mykonos
Sunset in little Venice, Mykonos

If you want to escape for a few days or you want to extend your summer vacation, this time of year is perfect to visit the Greek Islands.

Have you been to the Greek Islands in autumn? Did you enjoy it?

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4 thoughts on “4 Reasons to Visit Mykonos and Santorini in Autumn”

  1. Hi Chrissy,

    Wow! Not been to the Greek Islands yet but autumn seems like the time to go. Change up for the climate a little bit, with 25 C being SO MUCH more appealing than 40 C 😉 Visited Cyprus 2 months ago. I had my fill of 40 C days, day after day. So yep, cooler and more pleasant conditions definitely work for me. I’d book an autumn trip to avoid bigger crowds too, as less folks travel to these places during the off season. Less crowded works for me.

    Thanks for the share 🙂


    • Hi Ryan you are right the conditions in Autumn are better for many people. I hope you can make it to the Greek islands soon!

  2. I actually went to both Mykonos and Santorini back in July 2007. While it was still pretty crowded then, I heard August would have been even worse. Glad to know that September and October are still warm enough to visit these islands as I would love to come back for a visit again some day.

  3. I have been to the Greek Islands, traveled around for a month. Yes, lucky me! I was in August and wildly crowded but nothing stopped me from enjoying every place I visited Love Greece, anybody would. There is a place for everybody: quiet, wild, curious, gourmet, shoppers, romantic, etc.


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