A family day out at the Kouvaras Equestrian Club in Athens

Kouvaras Equestrian Club in Athens

There is nothing that beats having a great family out moment. I was invited to Kouvaras Equestrian Club as a member of the Travel Bloggers Greece for a family out day and I can confidently say we had a great time. Located just 40 minutes drive to the west of the Athens international airport this is the place to be if you are seeking to have good moments with your family.

Kouvaras Equestrian Club in Athens

Fun things to do in the Kouvaras Equestrian Club

As we had coffee in the garden under the spring sun, the kids immediately adapted to the surroundings and started having fun. At times it may take a lot to have kids entertained but at the equestrian club, they had numerous fun activities for the kids. Apart from the welcoming atmosphere at the club, the place was spacious ensuring that the kids had enough space to burn up some energy. The following are some of the fun things to do in the equestrian club:

Kouvaras Equestrian Club in Athens

Horse riding

Horse riding can never get better than in an equestrian club. Children ride horses in turn with the helmet provided by the club. It only costs €6 for guided horse rides for children starting the age of 7 years.

Large playground

Children need space to run around and have fun, and, at the equestrian club, they have ensured that your kid will have nothing less than the best retreat. There is a spacious playground with bouncing castles and children’s corner for crafts all these to ensure that every child gets his gig.

Kouvaras Equestrian Club in Athens


Children love snacks, right? And, we can’t blame them even at my age I also love snacks. At the equestrian club, there are popcorn machines and a waffle maker to ensure that your children have some snacks as they play around.

Kouvaras Equestrian Club in Athens

Friendly animals

If you thought that horses are the only animals in this club then you were wrong. Just when you thought you have exhausted all the fun things you walk into the zoo and find some cute friendly animals in a bunch of open pens. Some of the animals that you can see include ducks, chickens, goats, alpaca, mini bulls, and wallabies.

Kouvaras Equestrian Club in Athens

Lunch in equestrian club

After such activities, it’s quite normal that your stomach will demand a recharge. There is a restaurant with both indoor and outdoor sitting.  We had lunch indoors and there was a variety to choose from the menu. They offered both Greek and other international dishes and the few that we tried out were delicious. Everything was so well cooked and the staff was friendly and polite.

Parties at equestrian club

If you are looking for a place to host your child’s party, baptism or even a wedding, then there is no better place to do so than in the equestrian club. There is a sitting capacity of 250 people indoors and 1000 people outdoors. And, the place is ideal to visit in any season. Winters are cold, right? Most of the time all I want to do is stay indoors, eat popcorns as I watch my favorite cartoon. However, at the equestrian club, they have a fireplace during winter where you can keep warm as you have a good time at the club.

Kouvaras Equestrian Club in Athens

Everything that your family needs for a perfect day out is available at the equestrian club. I know that I had a great time there.

For more information: https://kouvarasequestrianclub.com/


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