10 Days in Greece: A Popular Itinerary Written by a Local

Greece remains a top-tier travel destination, constantly topping every traveler’s “top 10 places to visit before you die”, dominating all travel bucket-lists year after year. An ancient, sun-drenched country with a myriad of activities that range from discovering ancient monuments that span four millennia, swimming in crystal clear waters as the mountain rise behind you from the sea, eating local food at small taverns as you watch the world go by or partying the night away under the starry night.

The echo of the Greek language flowing in the air, blended with the warmth of the sun, the white-washed villas juxtaposing blue domes, and the balmy seas backed by lush native forests and an incredible mountain terrains make Greece perfect from a lifetime vacation. From exploring ancient towns where Homer, Aristotle, and Sophocles lived and thrived, to basking in the sun by turquoise waters, from hopping from one island to another getting lost its dozens of narrow convoluted alleys – Greece is not only beautiful but also incredibly affordable.

So who wouldn’t want to end up in the rugged, windswept heart of Greece? Three of the most popular places to go to Greece are Athens, Mykonos, and Santorini and here’s how you can visit all three while taking in the most important attractions in just ten days!

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How to spend 10 days in Greece – a first-timers itinerary

10 Day Greece itinerary main image 1

10 days in Greece Itinerary – Day 1 Arrive in Athens

As you arrive at the airport, the hustle and bustle of the city slowly start creeping on you, making your heart pound with excitement for the journey ahead. Head to the hotel and explore the neighborhood.

How to get from and to Athens airport

There are quite a few options for getting from  Athens airport to downtown, and it all depends on your personal preference! It’s also worth asking if your hotel offers any transfers from the airport to there!


You can take the metro, and choose Line 3 which will take you from Athens airport straight to the city center. It runs every 30 minutes, all week long, from 6:30 am to 11:30 pm. The entire trip will last you about 40 minutes, and you will be dropped off at Syntagma square.  The ticket costs 10 euros.

Metro is a great option since it’s clean, new, all stops are clearly identified, and you get to avoid traffic.

Time: 40 minutes

Cost: 10 EUR

Proastiakos – Suburban Railway

You can also try taking the Suburban railway, which is an electric train that takes you from the airport to the central railway stations in Athens, and the entire trip lasts 40 minutes as well. After arriving at the central railway station, you can switch and continue to the city center using the same ticket you purchased.

You’ll find that those trains depart from the same platform as the metros.

Time: 40 minutes

Cost: 10 EUR


You have the option of taking a bus from the express bus station, and you can choose from five different lines. The trip takes from 35 to 60 minutes depending on your destination.

X95 is the one you should take to reach the city center. It will drop you off right at Syntagma


Time: 30 – 60 minutes

Cost: 6 EUR.

Shuttle Bus

If you want to avoid waiting at a bus stop and want to be taken or picked up from the hotel, a shuttle bus is a great option.

Time: under 60 minutes

Cost: 20 EUR p.p

For more information and to book your shuttle bus check here.


Taxis are a convenient option, specifically if you have a lot of luggage and you’re not tight on

budget. You’ll find dozens of taxis standing at the designated Taxi waiting area, right after you get out of Exit 3 of Arrivals Level.

There is a flat rate of 38 EUR from the airport to the city center, and if you arrive from midnight until 5 am that increases sharply to 54 EUR.

Private Airport Transfer with Welcome Taxi

You can pre-book a car online before your arrival, and find your driver waiting for you at the arrivals with a welcome name sign and a bag with a bottle of water and map of the city, thus saving you all the hassle of having to find a taxi/bus/metro.

There is a flat rate of 38 EUR from the airport to the city center, and if you arrive from midnight until 5 am that increases sharply to 54 EUR.

The trip takes approximately 35 minutes.

For more information and to book your private transfer check here.

Add Psyri neighborhood in your Greece itinerary
Pittaki street in Athens

Where to Stay in Athens


This is by far one of the best neighborhoods to stay at. Due to its proximity to the Acropolis, Plaka remains one of the most popular areas to stay for tourists. You’ll find beautiful small squares, museums, an incredibly cozy vibe, and plenty of places to eat and drink. It even has a completely pedestrianized zone so you can take in the beauty of the city without being bombarded by traffic.

Suggested hotels in Plaka:

Herodion Hotel

Sweet Home Hotel

Ava Hotel & Suites


Syntagma has the Parliament crowning its center, and is characterized by grand avenues, neoclassical buildings; plenty of hotels and it’s also easily reachable by foot from all tourist attractions.

Suggested hotels in Syntagma:


Electra Metropolis

King George – A Luxury Collection Hotel


This is the most expensive part of the city, known for its glitz and glamour. Prices tend to run extremely high, and you’ll be met with luxurious cars, posh people and hefty prices.

Suggested hotels in Kolonaki:

Hotel Lozenge

Coco-Mat Hotel Athens

St George Lycabettus


This part of the city is dynamic, vibrant, and colorful and is a prime spot for sightseeing. The Acropolis dominates the skyline of the neighborhood, graffiti covers the walls and it’s a treasure trove for souvenir-hunters!

Suggested hotels in Monastiraki:

360 degrees

The Zillers Boutique Hotel

Koukaki and Exarchia

They are both “bohemian” and “edgy” neighborhoods and are a better option for young travelers and backpackers.

Athens Studios


Best Western Hotel Museum

Glyfada and Vouliagmeni

You can stay by one of the coastal suburbs and still be able to visit the center via tram –giving you a blend of a beach holiday and a city one.

Sea View Hotel

Somewhere Vouliagmeni

Divani Apollon Palace Thalasso

10 days in Greece Itinerary  – Day 2 Explore Athens

In Athens, every step you take, and every turn you make ends in a historical attraction. There’s an incredible juxtaposition between the modern and the ancient – where all monuments stand gracefully right next to the thriving modern edifices, unscathed by time and still as majestic as they were back then. Athens gives you an unfiltered, gritty, raw experience of Greece, it doesn’t try, it just effortlessly offers incredible cultural, historical and architectural attractions. The City of the Gods is the perfect destination, and you can see all of its main attractions in just two days!

3 days in Athens

The Acropolis

This is without a doubt the most important of all sites in Greece. It dominates the entire skyline of the city, and you’ll first see it as you randomly walk down a street, blending with the ruggedness of the city, and complimenting the concrete jungle. It’s one of the most important civilizations in the world that dates back to 477 B.C and don’t only offer panoramic views, but also a glimpse into the past.


Head over to the most important temple in the Acropolis that was built to honor the cult of Athena. You’ll be able to admire the exterior, and it’s definitely one of the most photographed buildings in Athens.

Theater of Dionysus

Built in the 4th century B.C, this theater was used for performances back then and was actually the birthplace of the art of theater and the place where some of the most important plays in the world were performed for the first time.

Odeon of Herodes Atticus

Another theater, this one can be visited today and still hosts live theatrical and music performances.

Day 2 of Greece itinerary - visiting the Odeon of Herodes Atticus in Athens
The Odeon of Herodes Atticus Athens

Tip: Try to visit the archaeological site of the Acropolis as early as possible to avoid the crowds and the heat especially during the summer months.

Tickets: There is a special ticket package for visiting most of ancient Athens monuments costing 30 € full and 15 € reduced which is valid for Acropolis of Athens, Ancient Agora of Athens, Archaeological Museum of Kerameikos, Hadrian’s Library, Kerameikos, Museum of the Ancient Agora, North slope of Acropolis, Olympieio, Roman Agora of Athens, South Slope of Acropolis. The ticket is valid for 5 days.

If you just want to visit the Parthenon, tickets cost 20 EUR from April 1st to October 30th and 10 EUR from November 1st to March 31st. You can buy Acropolis tickets online ahead of time at the official e-ticketing service of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports.

The crowds are huge between April and October at the Acropolis. If you want to beat them I recommend that you visit the Acropolis at the opening time (8:00 am). If you are interested in a guided tour I recommend this No-Crowds Acropolis Tour & Skip the Line Acropolis Museum Tour by the company Take Walks that gets you in the Acropolis for the first viewing of the day. This way not only you beat the crowds but the heat as well. It also includes a skip the line tour to the Acropolis museum.

Another great option is the Best of Athens tour that takes you in the Acropolis for the first viewing without any crowds and also in the Ancient Agora and a walk around Plaka. This way you can see the best of Athens in 4 hours. Plus with combo pass that you get, you have access to five more top Athens attractions for the next five days.

Finally, If you are interested in a guided tour of both the Acropolis Museum and the Acropolis, I recommend the Athens, Acropolis and Acropolis Museum Including Entry Fees. This 5-hour guided tour includes skipping the line entrance tickets to both sites and a guided tour as well. It also includes a visit to the Panathenaic Stadium and the Royal Gardens.

Acropolis Museum

Soaring glass windows, high-ceiling, a glimpse into all artifacts found by the Acropolis and sweeping views of the Acropolis – this museum is a beauty to marvel at and get lost in.

Temple of Zeus

A ruined temple built to honor Zeus, with 15 columns left, a glimpse into Roman architecture, city walls, a Roman bath and a grand statue of Zeus.

Day 2 Greece itinerary - visiting temple of Zeus
The temple of Olympian Zeus

Arch of Hadrian

This triumphal arc was built to honor Roman Emperor Hadrian and reflects the time of war, has incredible inscriptions carved on its architrave, and was used as a defensive wall against the Turks back then.

Walk around Plaka

Walk around Plaka, eat at one of the many taverns, explore one of the oldest districts in Athens, shop until you drop, and visit the Museum of Greek Folk Art.

A good way to save money and time on your visit to Athens is to buy the Athens City Pass. I reccommend the Classic or Complete Athens City Pass. For more information: Athens City Pass.

Greece itinerary 2nd day

10 days in Greece Itinerary – Day 3 Explore Athens

Ancient Agora

Strolling around the Agora is a humbling experience, as you walk aimlessly through greenery and what once was used to be the commercial hub, the marketplace and the focal point for all social and economic activities. It was the place of gathering back then.

Day 3 Greece itinerary - exploring Athens
Temple of Hephestus, one of the best preserved temples

Syntagma Square

Syntagma Square is the center of the city, the city’s pulsing heart, and its main transport hub. This is where people go to have a drink, shop, have a meal, meet with friends or relax after work. Don’t forget to watch the change of the guard in front of the Parliament building.

Panathenaic Stadium

An entire stadium made solely of marble, the Panathenic Stadium is an incredible sight to see, and has been there since 4th century B.C. What’s interesting about it is the fact that despite how old it is, it still hosted the Olympic Games in 1896!

Panathenaic stadium - three days in Athens
Panathenaic stadium

Go on a self Graffiti tour around Psiri and Monastiraki

These quirky neighborhoods showcase an authentic mixture of graffiti-filled walls, and it’s refreshing to be walking amidst the colourful vibrancy that fills the streets. You’ll find galleries, quirky stores, flea markets, and much more!

Alternatively, book a street art tour. 

taking pics of street art in Greece itinerary
Street art in Psyri

Visit the markets: Athens Central Market and Monastiraki Market

Athens Central Market: Explore the Greek culture by embarking on this slice-of-life journey as you enter the market! You’ll find the best representation of the Athenian food scene with all types of meat and seafood imaginable.

Monastiraki Market: The market offers different types of shops and stalls offering all sorts of merchandise from ancient vinyl, handcrafted objects, products, leather goods, rare books and much much more.


OPTIONAL: If You Would Rather Have A Mythology Highlights Tour

If you find it hard to visit all of the ancient monuments on your own, or need someone to guide you through them and explain their history to you, then you can take a 4 hour guided tour from 9 am every day in either English or French where you will be able to visit the most important monuments the Acropolis, the Zeus Temple, the Ancient Agora, and much more. Not only will you be visiting all of the monuments in a systematic tour, but you’ll also learn about the Gods and their history, and the city’s ancient history, the society and how it worked and how people lived back then.

Read about my experience of the Mythology Highlights Tour

Find here more information about the Mythology Highlights Tour.

You might also be interested: 30 things to do in Athens, or my 3 -day Athens itinerary.

If you are interested or have time for a day trip from Athens I suggest:

10 days in Greece Itinerary – Day 4 Athens – Santorini

Greece itinerary day 4 - Santorini
The Three Domes in Oia Santorini

How to get to Santorini from Athens

After you’re done seeing the most important sites in Athens, it’s time to head over to the sun-drenched island of Santorini. There are two ways you can go to the island:

By Plane

There are over 20 flights per day heading over from Athens to Santorini in the summer months. The trip is quite short, with an average duration of about 45 minutes. The first flight departs at 5:15 am, while the last flight departs at 23:15.

The flights arrive at Santorini International Airport, which is 10 minutes away from Fira and 25 minutes away from Ola.

The flight cost ranges from 40 EUR to 175 EUR depending on the season, the time and the availability.

By Ferry

You can choose from 4 ferries per day that take off from Athens to Santorini. The cost usually ranges from 20 EUR to 76 EUR and the overall journey takes from 5 to 8 hours, depending on the ferry you’re on.

If you want the fastest ferry, take the Hellenic Seaways Highspeed 4. (Takes 5 hours). Departs at 7:15 am, but from June – Sep there’s a night ferry that departs at 11:30 pm.

If you want the cheapest ferry, take the Blue Star Ferry. (Takes about 8 hours). This departs at 7:25 am every day.

You also have the option of taking the Sea Jet which takes four hours, but it’s the smallest of all the ferries, and has the roughest, bumpiest ride. It’s not recommended if you get seasick easily and I generally suggest that you avoid it.

They all depart from the Piraeus ferry port which is 20 minutes away from central Athens.

Click here to check ferry schedules and to book your ferry to Santorini (Thira).

How to get from Santorini airport to your hotel

By bus

This is the most inexpensive way to get to your hotel but you should consider a few factors. The buses run regularly during the summer not that often during the other periods. The bus will leave you at Fira and from there you need to change the bus. For more information click here.

By Welcome Private Transfer

You can pre-book a car online before your arrival, and find your driver waiting for you at the arrivals with a welcome name sign and a bag with a bottle of water and map of the city, thus saving you all the hassle of having to find a taxi or taking the bus. The cost of the private pick -up is the same price as a regular taxi. It is around 35 euros from the airport to Fira and approximately 47 euros from the airport to Oia.

Click here for more information and to book your private transfer.

Hotel Pick up

Another option to consider is to ask your hotel how much they charge for an airport pick-up. There are some hotels that offer this service for free.

How to get from Santorini port Athinios to your hotel

By bus

This is the most inexpensive way to get to your hotel but you should consider a few factors. The buses run regularly during the summer not that often during the other periods. The bus will leave you at Fira and from there you need to change the bus. For more information click here.

By Welcome Private Transfer

You can pre-book a car online before your arrival, and find your driver waiting for you at the port with a welcome name sign and a bag with a bottle of water and map of the island, thus saving you all the hassle of having to find a taxi or taking the bus. The cost of the private pick -up is the same price as a regular taxi. It is around 35 euros from the port to Fira and approximately 47 euros from the port to Oia.

Click here for more information and to book your private transfer.

Hotel Pick up

Another option to consider is to ask your hotel how much they charge for a port pick-up. There are some hotels that offer this service for free.

Santorini is an enchantress, seducing you with its allure, with its indescribable intrigue, and making you come back for more. Filled with multicolored cliffs that soar above pristine blue waters, perched with quaint little villages, boasting incredible panoramic views and showing off its blazing white houses with symbolic deep blue roofs – Santorini is truly something else. It’s the perfect getaway and the ultimate romantic travel destination!

Experience Santorini's cliffs in your Greece itinerary

Where to stay in Santorini

Mid-Range Hotels:

Smaragdi Hotel (Perivolos- Perissa)

Situated just 80 m away from Perivolos beach, Smaragdi Hotel offers spacious studios and apartments with a kitchenette, free wi-fi, and air conditioning. Other hotel amenities include a swimming pool with a pool bar and a hot tub. The center of Perissa village with restaurants, shops, and bars is 800 m away. This is another budget-friendly accommodation option in Santorini. – Check out the latest prices and more details here.

Luxury Hotels:

Astarte Suites (Akrotiri)

Located 12km from Fira and 4km from the archaeological site of Akrotiri, this romantic all-suite hotel is situated on a clifftop and enjoys breathtaking scenic views. Its spacious and modern rooms feature free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, minibars, whirlpool tubs and crystal-speckled ceilings. A complimentary breakfast can be served in-room, while an infinity pool, a bar, and an elegant restaurant are included in its amenities. – Check out the latest prices and more details here.

Canaves Oia

Built on the side of a cliff, Canaves is a polished all-suite hotel 10km away from Fira. Within the rooms are complimentary Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs with DVD players, minibars, tea and coffee making facilities and balconies overlooking the blue. Free breakfast and parking are available for all guests, as well as access to an infinity pool, restaurant, bar, gym and open-air spa. – Check out the latest prices and more details here.

Watch the sunset at Oia

Sunsets in Oia are must see in your Greece itinerary
Sunset in Oia 

You will arrive with enough time for you to prepare for one of the most iconic moments of your life. Your trip to Santorini will start with a bang, as you head over to Oia to experience the grandeur that results from the blend of nature with architecture.

According to National Geographic, the best sunset in the world is experienced in Oia, and they are right! Oia itself is a beautiful village on the Aegean island that you should take time to explore, but as you stroll through the narrow silent streets, you will suddenly hear it. The buzzing of a hundred voices filled with anticipation, the promise of something beautiful ahead…You’ll reach the standpoint where people watch the sunset from and you’ll find hundreds of people preparing intently for the sunset, getting their cameras ready (which you should do to!), setting up their chairs, and reserving the best location.

As the sun slowly sets, you will realize the postcard-perfect beauty of the entire scene, with blue domes contrasting the marble streets, the sun slowly disappearing into the sea, the entire village colored with different hues of orange and red, and pink – it will all hit you at once, and you will be filled with an enticing sense of awe and admiration!

10 day Greece Itinerary – Day 5 Explore Santorini

Hike from Fira to Oia

It’s a well-known fact that the best way to explore a new city is by getting lost into its streets, narrow alleys and experiencing it first-hand. Luckily for you, you can do that by going on the world-renowned hike from Fira to Oia. You don’t need to be extremely well-prepared, or a fitness junkie – the hike is suitable for all people.

You’ll be met with spectacular views throughout all the hike, revealing the intricate of the stunning Greek island, offering a real taste of the Aegean experience. You’ll get fabulous views of the glistening sea, the streets, the alleyways, and you’ll pass by several churches too!

The path itself is very well-marked throughout the hike and you’ll only be preoccupied by the beauty of the villages, the trail, the views from the caldera and the cliffs!

The Archaeological Site of Akrotiri

Your next stop should be Akrotiri with is incredibly beautiful ancient ruins, reminiscent of times when life was mush simpler.

It all started when in the 19th century, the volcanic Theran earth was excavated to provide material for the construction of the Suez Canal. While excavating, a ground-breaking discovery was made. An entire pre-historic village was found, completely preserved, unscathed by history or nature.

The ruins date back t the Minoan period, and the Akrotiri is an actual full preserved town that was protected by volcanic caldera.


The settlement was a major city that had an incredible social structure, great architecture and advanced engineering, until one of the deadliest volcanoes in the history of Greece destroyed the town. There are no signs of skeletons, however, meaning that everyone was successful in evacuating before the volcano. You’ll find all sorts of objects, artifacts, ancient beds, carved facades, elaborate frescoes, and much more – all under the roof of one huge, airy building.

A great tour if you want to see the highlights of Santorini and the sunset from Oia:

Find more information about the Sightseeing Bus tour here

Visit Pyrgos Village

Head over to Pyrgos, a little village at the top of the hill, offering sweeping vistas of the entire island above. Currently inhabited by about 800 people, this was the previous capital of the island and therefore, you’ll find medieval houses stacked on top of each other, with beautiful churches and a castle.

This is where the highest point of Santorini is, so it’s the perfect place to get panoramic views. Visit the dozens of churches that are built around the Venetian castle, and visit the world-renowned boutiques that sell all types of clothing, shoes and souvenirs.

Go Wine Tasting

Wine-making in Santorini dates back 3,000 years, and so you’ll find different types of wine – from Assyrtico, Athiri and Aidani and you can go to on a tour to two or three different wineries where you’ll be able to taste the best wine of Santorini. This will all be complimented by cheese, salami and Greek olives.

The Santorini Half-Day Wine Adventure tour is the perfect tour that will allow you to visit the wineries and taste the best Volcanic wine.

Explore the village of Emporio

Visit Emporio, the biggest village in Santorini, and has beautiful unique streets, churches and one of the five medieval castles in Santorini.

You’ll find beautiful houses stacked really close together, eccentric winding staircases, overhead bridges, and picturesque streets!

10 – day Greece itinerary – Day 6 Explore Santorini

Try Some Local Food

Santorini has incredible food, and Greece is known for its wonderful gastronomic experience that it offers. It’s recommended not to visit any of the touristy chains, and instead, find a little alley with an authentic Greek tavern that is run by a small family to try out their food. Definitely try Flava, the most famous dish in Santorini which is a yellow split pea puree, or Ntomatokeftedes which are Greek tomatoes served with hot olive oil and peppers, onions, mint or White EggPlant Puree! Try Melitinia which is a traditional sweet cheese pie or Apochti, another traditional food that is salted pork loin.

Volcano cruises are a must do in your Greece itinerary
Volcano Cruises 

Visit the Volcano and the Hot Springs

Visiting the Volcano and the Hot Springs in Santorini is one of the most important activities you should do on your trip to Santorini!

When the word Santorini is mentioned, you probably envision beautiful white-washed houses, blue domes and glistening waters – but what you might not know is that Santorini itself is the result of an immense volcano, so it’s only logical to visit the volcano there!

Usually, boat trips head to Nea Kameni and Palea Kameni from Fira, and you can buy tickets from any travel agency if you want bus transport and less hassle!

The first stop will be Nea Kameni, the volcano, where you’ll get to hike for about an hour and half while learning about the history of the caldera and the volcano.

Your next stop will be Palea Kameni, which are the hot springs. You’ll get to swim in them for 30-40 minutes!

Find more information about the Santorini Volcano and Thirassia Sunset Dinner Cruise.

Head to the beach

What’s a Greek vacation without an abundant amount of time spent lazing by the beach and enjoying the warmth of the sun as it engulfs you?

The two most famous beaches are:

Red Beach – The Red Beach is not only one of the most famous beaches in Santorini, but also one of the most beautiful, with a unique landscape of red and black volcanic rocks contrasted with the blue waters of the sea. It’s only minutes away from Akrotiri!

Perissa  – This beautiful beach features unique black sand juxtaposed with crystal clear waters, making your beach experience unlike any other you’ve had in your life. You’ll have a massive rock called Mesa Vouno soaring from the sea, and is usually the main attraction of the place.

See Red beach Santorini in your Greece itinerary
Red beach Santorini

5-Hour Catamaran Sunset Cruise

A great way to see the scenic beauty of Santorini is on a five-hour catamaran sunset cruise. This cruise leaves from the Ammoudi Port of Oia, although guests can be picked up at local hotels for an additional charge. The first stop is the beautiful Red Beach which is a great place to snorkel. After 30 minutes, the tour continues to White Beach for more snorkeling underneath the towering white cliffs. After enjoying a barbecue meal, then continue on to the Hot Springs for a mud bath. Climb back onboard the catamaran to watch the sun set on your return to Oia.

Find more information about the Catamaran Sunset Cruise here.

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10 – day Greece itinerary – Day 7 Santorini to Mykonos

How to get from Santorini to Mykonos

Take a ferry from Santorini to the neighboring island of Mykonos. You have about 4 ferries per day to choose from that head from Santorini, and the entire trip takes about 2.5 hours to arrive to Mykonos.

The Hellenic Seaways Highspeed 7 is usually recommended, as it’s affordable (costs about 57 EUR) and takes less than 3 hours to get there.

Note: Make sure you get your physical ticket from the kiosks of the ferry company you booked. Print-out tickets will not be accepted!

Click here to check ferry schedules and to book your ferry tickets to Mykonos.

Where to stay in Mykonos

Budget Hotels:

It is difficult to find budget accommodation in Mykonos especially during the high season (July and August). Book as early as possible and try to avoid these months.

  • Galini Hotel is located in Mykonos Town, 150m away from the beach. It offers basic accommodation with air-conditioning, fringe, and free Wi-Fi.
  • Manolia View is located 2 km away from Mykonos New Port. It offers self-catering accommodation with great views of the Aegean Sea. It offers spacious rooms with a patio or private terrace, free Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, and kitchenette. Other hotel amenities include a swimming pool and a sun patio.

Mid-Range Hotels:

  • Milena Hotel is located 500 meters away from Mykonos Town and close to the airport. A bus stop is next to the hotel. It offers clean rooms with air-conditioning and Wi-Fi access.
  • With Inn is located on the sandy beach of Tourlos, 1 km away from Mykonos port. It offers spacious rooms with sea view, air conditioning, free wi-fi, and a mini fridge.

Luxury Hotels:

  • Kouros Hotel & Suites is perfectly located 10 minutes on foot from Mykonos Town this luxurious hotel offers spacious rooms with private terraces overlooking the sea and the town. Hotel amenities include a swimming pool, amazing breakfast, free Wi-Fi, free airport shuttle and parking. – Read my review.
  • Overlooking the popular Platis Gialos beach Myconian Ambassador Relais & Chateaux Hotel offers stylish rooms, an outdoor swimming pool, excellent spa services, and a gourmet restaurant.
  • Bill & Coo Suites & Lounge is a 5-star hotel that offers luxurious sea view suites, an infinity pool, a gourmet restaurant, and spa treatments. It is conveniently located in Megali Ammos beach and a 10- minutes walk from Mykonos Town.

Explore Chora

Explore Chora in your Greece itinerary

Chora encompasses beautiful white-washed houses contrasted with glitzy mansions, charming restaurants, cafés, shops and more.

You’ll be walking in white narrow alleyways, and you’ll be met with incredible views of the vigorous sea splashing onto the walls of the village, the blues and whites meeting together to create a picture-perfect view.

Things to do in Chora:

Little Venice: Lively, noisy and bustling with life, Little Venice is great for the amount of cafes and bars there. A lot of the places there also overlook the nearby water, and you can have incredible during sunset as you eat or drink at one of the bars.

Museums: Many people don’t see themselves visiting Museums while in Mykonos, but you should definitely check out the Archeological Museum which gives you an insight into the Greece’s terrain, and then head over to the Folk Museum to get first-hand knowledge of the island’s culture.

The Windmills: Chora is renowned for its iconic windmills. You’ll can see them from almost anywhere in time, and they date back to the 1600s boasting beautiful Venetian architecture. They are a quintessential feature of the landscape of Mykonos, and the three whitewashed structures stand beautifully, giving you a reminiscent vibes of the times they were used.

Find more information on The Walking Tour of Mykonos Chora here.

10 -day Greece itinerary – Day 8 Explore Mykonos

On your eighth day of your Greece itinerary, it is essential to visit the island of Delos, so you have the option of either going on your own or taking a tour there along with Rheina island. There are several ways to reach Delos, you can take one of the daily ferry services, go on an organized tour that will also take you to Rheina, or take a private boat.

Visit Dilos in your Greece itinerary
Archaeological site of Dilos

Visit the Archaeological site of Delos

Delos is an incredible island, that bears important mythological, historical and archeological significance. Over the years, several excavations have been done in the island, and are considered the most important in the entire Mediterranean area. This was the supposed birthplace of Apollo and Artemis, and there’s plenty of things to see.

You can wander through the ancient ruins of structures that once had great significance including:

Propylae – A grand marble archway

The Sanctuary of Apollo– This was considered the most sacred site in the entire Greek world, and was the house of the famous Oracle.

Hike up the Mount Kythnos  – This will reward you with incredible views of all the surrounding islands, forming a picturesque vista.

Find more information about the Delos Guided Tour here.

Take a boat tour at the island of Rhenia

Rhenia is the epitome of relaxation and tranquility with crystal clear waters, soft sands, hidden covers, and it’s the perfect uninhabited island to let yourself relax in. You can swim, tan, snorkel, read a book – the most important thing is to completely relax!

Find more information about this Mykonos boat tour to Rhenia & Delos here.

10- day Greece itinerary – Day 9 Mykonos to Athens


Spend your morning reveling in the beauty of the island for the last time, create memories that will last you a lifetime, take extra pictures, and truly appreciate the place for the last time.

Spend your day at one of the beaches in Mykonos and have one last final stroll in Chora with its beautiful shops, and maybe visit one of the churches you didn’t have time to visit!

Platys Gialos - the best Mykonos beaches Greece itinerary
Platys Gialos

Head to the beach

Make you sure visit one of the beaches: Platys Gialos, Elia Beach or Paradise Beach.

Check out the best beaches in Mykonos.

Afternoon ferry or plane to Athens

How to get from Mykonos to Athens

Ferry: You can take a ferry in the afternoon, but make sure to check the timetable before you leave because the latest ferry leaves at 7 pm, so plan accordingly. You can choose the one that arrives at Rafina or the one that arrives at Piraeus.

Rafina has an advantage over Piraeus and that is the fact that the sea journey in general is shorter, however, you will have to take a 1 and a half hour bus ride from there to the center of Athens. Piraeus has longer trips in general, but in 30 minutes you’ll be in central Athens if you take a metro.

You can choose between BlueStar Ferries, SeaJet or Hellenic Seaways,

The average price is from 60 EUR to 140 EUR.

Click here to check ferry schedules and to book your ferry to Athens.


You can also take a plane ride that will take you about 40 minutes, and will cost you from 40 EUR to 150 EUR.

10 – day Greece itinerary – Day 10 Flight home

Spend your last few hours strolling the streets of Athens, visit a quick historic ruin, an ancient site, go shopping, or languish in one of the many cafes, restaurants or quirky stores.

Head to the airport early.

It is advisable to already be in Athens on the day of your flight, since taking a ferry or a plane from Mykonos or Santorini would be risky. There are usual strikes, weather misfortunes, delays, repairs and much more that might hinder your trip!

So this is how you get to see Greece’s most breath-taking landscapes, learn about its history, taste its food, get lost in its islands, and immerse yourself in the Greek way of life in just 10 days.  After you go back home with your sun kissed skin, your salty hair, and your beautiful memories – you’ll think of nothing but Greece for the next few months!


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10 Day Greece Itinerary

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19 thoughts on “10 Days in Greece: A Popular Itinerary Written by a Local”

  1. I just came across your site while browsing and I must say I am lucky! I am planning my trip to Greece and I will take my time now to go through every article of yours and then carefully plan!

    Great work! Keep it up!

  2. Cool I am planning a trip to Greece end of May and found this very useful. I had the same rough itinerary in mind as shown here.

  3. Hi Chrissy,
    this is a great itinerary! Thanks so much, i’m trying to plan for Greece in August, I know it’s the busiest time but my husband is a teacher and only can get summers off. Would you have any recommendations on dancing? I hear Mykonos is good for this?

    • Thanks for your comment. Mykonos is a party island for sure. Too much party probably. Ios is a party island as well maybe for a younger crowd and also Skiathos and Paros has a good nightlife.

  4. Hey, is it a good time to visit Greece in first week of October and do you suggest any other countries along with Greece?

    • October is a great time to visit Greece as it is not too hot, it is still warm enough for swimming and it is not so crowded. Also, you will find better prices. There are many places to visit in Greece why combine it with something else? If you still do, Italy is a great option.

  5. A great informative website. We are a family of 4 visiting Santorini for 4 days. We are staying near Kamari. I am unsure if we should hire a car in Santorini. Is a car necessary and how easy is it to get parking? Is the public transport suitable? Can you please advise

    • There is a bus from Kamari but you need to find out how close the stop is from your hotel. I won’t lie parking is not very easy especially during busy months but a car is recommended at least for a few days so that you see the island properly. If you cannot find a free parking in some places like Oia there is paid parking available too.

  6. Hello, first let me say that I find this article very well written and apelative.
    Second, how much do you think that would cost doing this trip, for two persons?

    • Thanks Rui, the cost of the trip depends on many factors, time of year Luly and August are more expensive, the type of accommodation, the location of the hotels etc.If you want more info email me to discuss it.

  7. Hello, Really a great itinerary. We are planning for a vacay in greece during the month of Nov. I know this is not a very great time to visit this beautiful place, but it would be our anniversary celebration. Is the climate suitable for a infant? Coming from India, where the average weather would be around 27 degree C.

    • Thanks for your comment. The weather in Greece in November is usually very pleasant not too hot not too cold. It is not good for swimming though. It can be around 15 to 18 degrees during the day and it is usually sunny.

  8. Hi Chrissy! Thanks for this awesome post! My husband and I were thinking of a similar itinerary but instead of Mykonos, we were thinking Crete? Do you think that’s just as doable in 2 days? If you have any tips on Crete that would be greatly appreciated :)!

    Thanks again for sharing!

    • Hello Patti, thanks for your comment. It is impossible to see Crete in 2 days. It is the biggest Greek island. I suggest either Milos, Naxos or Ios instead of Mykonos and Crete. Crete is lovely but the minimum to visit is at least a week.


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