The advantages of taking a luxury holiday in Greece

Greece is a melting pot of stunning natural beauty, spotless beaches, gourmet flavours and long history. It is the perfect destination to enjoy a luxury holiday and find your personal paradise. Here are some reasons why you should enjoy a luxury holiday in Greece:

Greece offers a variety of luxury resorts, 5-star boutique hotels and private villas with access to facilities not available in budget hotels. Rooms with private jacuzzis and infinity pools with stunning views of the Aegean Sea. Perfect for a romantic holiday or a honeymoon. Spa treatments, massages using the best natural products will help you relax and rejuvenate.


On you luxury holiday you will be able to enjoy gourmet dining using local ingredients paired with a selection of fine Greek wines. The local gastronomy will leave you speechless. You can dine on a private terrace overlooking the caldera in Santorini, a table set on a private beach just for you or a rooftop restaurant overlooking the Athenian skyline and the Acropolis.

Nightlife in Greece is something you should experience as well. Bars with tasteful music, nice atmosphere, stunning views and refreshing cocktails that will have you dancing until the sunrise.

View from Galaxy Restaurant – photo courtesy of Athens Hilton

When you book a luxury holiday through a specialised travel agency you will have seamless service from the moment you book to the time you return home. They will be there to cover your every need, make you feel secure. In case of a strike, cancellation or change of plans they can offer 24-hours support so that you don’t have to worry or ruin your vacation. Their local knowledge can help them foresee any unpleasant situation that may arise and they will take all the measures needed in order to prevent it.

The knowledgeable staff will suggest and organise the perfect activities for you. Imagine a private tasting of Santorinian wines or a private boat tour to a neighbour island where you will be able to enjoy an authentic Greek island experience, swim in hidden coves and turquoise waters. Your guide with its knowledge, professionalism and humour will make your day unforgettable.


There are many places in Greece one can enjoy a luxurious holiday. Starting from the cities like Athens and Thessaloniki where there is a wide choice of historic and neoclassical hotels, gourmet dining with incredible views, vibrant nightlife and designer stores. Then moving to the islands like Santorini, Mykonos and Crete with their luxurious hotels offering seamless service, modern spas and top-class culinary experiences. Mainland Greece also offers luxurious options like the South Peloponnese, Pelion in Central Greece and Zagorohoria in the North of Greece, to name a few.

By booking a luxurious holiday to Greece you will enjoy a stay in luxurious hotels, fine dining, unique cultural experiences, and impeccable service. Antelope travel offers luxury holidays in Greece or personalised ones depending on your needs.

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