Best Budget Beach Locations for Your Next Summer Break

Dreaming of sun-kissed skin, brilliant blue seas and miles of sandy shore? Well, it sounds like you need a beach holiday! Treat yourself to a break in the sunshine, picking one of these budget beach locations for your summer break…

Ibiza, Spain


Believe it or not, the beautiful, atmospheric (and lively) island of Ibiza is a cheap destination for sun seekers on a budget. You can make a destination like this as cheap or expensive as you like (as entrance to the best night clubs or meals in the glitziest restaurants will require a healthy amount of spending money), but there’s plenty to do that costs very little. For instance, Ibiza’s bays and beaches are beautiful, and it’s easy to while away an afternoon sunbathing on golden sand while you listen to the waves. Head to lesser-known, locally-recommended restaurants for dinner, and wander the whitewashed streets for history, cathedrals and culture.

Tenerife, Canary Islands


Whether you’re traveling solo, holidaying as a couple or jetting off as a couple, Tenerife has something for everyone – and best of all, it doesn’t cost much to go. This destination is well-loved by holidaymakers, and as a result it has plenty of tourist-friendly resorts and activities (not all of which are cheap, of course). However, there are many affordable hotels, and the price of food and alcohol is much the same as it is on mainland Spain. Spend what you can afford on accommodation and catering, and then enjoy the free activities Tenerife has to offer: volcanoes, rock pools and pine forests are ready and waiting for intrepid explorers, and there are plenty of pretty villages to explore too.

Algarve, Portugal


The Algarve is another one of those holiday destinations you may not instantly think ‘budget break’ for… but it doesn’t have to be that way. Steer clear of Vilamoura when you’re choosing your hotel (though consider paying it a visit while you’re there) as this is the priciest part of the region, beloved by golfers. Albufeira is likely to be the cheapest resort to stay in, and there’s lots you can do on a limited budget. For instance, local markets are brimming with cheap fresh fish, local produce and arts and crafts, and you can surf all day for free, wherever strikes your fancy. Sagres is excellent for surfing and is well worth hiring a car to get to if you want to catch a wave.

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Split, Croatia


As Croatia’s second largest city, Split is busy and big. But, this ‘buzzing’ vibe is available to even those with a small holiday budget, with the price of accommodation, food and drink being relatively cheap (and certainly cheaper than nearby Italy). It’s a location that balances modernity and traditional Croatian living, and you’ll be spoiled for your choice of bars, shops and historical sites: Diocletian’s Palace, the Cathedral and Bell Tower, and Klis Fortress are well worth visiting before taking a walk through Marjan park or a dip in the sea at Bene beach.

Just bear in mind that when you’re searching for the best deal online, you’re likely to get the cheapest holiday packages if you’re able to be flexible with where you go, and what days you’re travelling on. Check out the deals on offer to one of the destinations above, or see what you can find… you’re bound to have a lovely time!


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  1. I have heard a lot about Portugal sandy clean water beaches. But never had a chance to be there. Nice post! Will plan the same in next summer for sure.


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