China meets Greece in an Artwork Exhibition

China meets Greece artwork excibition
the artist Qinghua (Ioanna) Lin

On Saturday the 16th of May all TBG members including myself were invited to Grecotel Athena Palace hotel for the artwork exhibition China meets Greece. The exhibition was organized by TBG members Eley Yuan and Kevin Miao of Meet Culture travel blog. Their goal is to promote cultural exchange activities between the Eastern and the Western civilization.

china meets greece art exhibition
Eley Yuan and Kevin Miao from Meet Culture with the artist Qinghua (Ioanna) Lin

At the exhibition we had the chance to meet the artist Qinghua (Ioanna) Lin and her beautiful works. The artist was inspired both from China and Greece. Some of her works included beautiful actresses from the Opera, inspired by her visits to the Bejing Opera when she was a child. Other paintings included flowers and birds that are made without a background referred to as “blank painting” giving the object more significance. The artist also made some paintings with Greek theme depicting of how she sees Greece.


China meets Greece artwork exhibition
the artist Qinghua (Ioanna) Lin

Apart from the beautiful artwork he had the chance to taste great food from Greece and China served in a wonderful buffet. From Greek salads and cheeses to Chinese noodles and chicken along with wonderful desserts, all in all the food was very tasty.

Lunch buffet at Grecotel
Lunch Buffet
TBG members Greece
TBG members

It was a wonderful day, with beautiful artwork, tasty food and great company.

You can visit the China meets Greece exhibitions at the 1st floor of Grecotel Athena Pallas hotel from the 16th of May to the 3rd of July.



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