Egypt Holidays: Things to Do in Egypt

pyramids in giza

An exotic choice with a Mediterranean flare sweeping its North Coast, Egypt is rated one of world’s most thrilling, historical and miraculous travel destinations. The contrasting character of Egypt’s cities, landmarks and travel hotspots spark everyone’s interest, be it the paradisiac beaches of Sharm El Sheikh, the rich heritage of Cairo, the picture perfect seaside city of Alexandria, or the spectacular pyramids of Giza.

Traveling to Egypt requires a visa, though thanks to the Egypt e-Visa, it’s quick and hassle-free to obtain your travel visa for Egypt online. The visa can be a single or multiple-entry visa and allows a maximum duration stay of 30 days. 


View of the Sphinx and Pyramid of Khafre, Cairo

Immerse yourself in the metropolitan ambience of Cairo, Egypt’s capital and biggest city, and experience the urban buzz with an Islamic touch. Cairo is bursting at the seams with spectacular architecture, as well as plenty of museums, including the Egyptian Museum and the Museum of Islamic Art, where you can soak up the prodigious history and culture of Ancient Egypt and other time periods of this country’s fascinating history.

Pyramids of Giza

pyramids in Giza

Not far from Cairo rest the Pyramids of Giza, one of the true ancient wonders of the world. The largest of the three, the Great Pyramid of Giza is labelled one of the seven ancient wonders of the world and treasures three known chambers. The rest of the Great Pyramid Complex consists of The Pyramid of Khafre, the Pyramid of Menkaure and the Great Sphinx of Giza; all must-sees far from worthy of appreciation.

Precinct of Amun-Re

Ancient statues of Ram-headed sphinxes in Karnak temple, Luxor

Located in Luxor, this ancient temple forms part of the Karnak Temple Complex. However, this precinct is the largest of all the temples here and is also the only one open to the public. The Karnak Temple Complex is the world’s largest temple complex and features extremely impressive structures, despite having lost a few parts due to its ancientness!

Temple of Edfu

The temple of Horus, Edfu

A little further south from Luxor, the Temple of Edfu is located along the River Nile and is said to have been dedicated to Horus, the falcon God. The temple was built between 237 and 57 BC during the Ptolemaic period.

Note that starting in Cairo and travelling to the Pyramids of Giza, the Precinct of Amun-Re and the Temple of Edfu is a great itinerary route leading south down the Nile!

White Desert

White Desert, the Egyptian part of the Sahara Desert

Farafra’s big geographical attraction, the White Desert National Park is also known as Sahara el Beyda. These snow white chalk rock formations stand out as a peculiar attraction for the likes of Egypt and intrigue visitors with their surreal appearance in the desert.


Alexandria Castle

A majestic city blessed with a maritime magic, Alexandria is said to have been founded by Alexander the Great and was also the home of Cleopatra. As Alexandria is situated on Egypt’s North Coast, the sizzling summer season benefits from the sea breeze, generally averaging cooler temperatures than those of the dry inland climate.

Sharm el-Sheikh

beautiful beach and ocean in Sharm el Sheikh

Renowned for its golden beaches and luxury inclusive hotels, Sharm el-Sheikh is perfect for you if you wish to unwind in the sunshine and pack in a few afternoon adventures. Visit the desert or spend a night or two in a bamboo hut where you can really hit the relax button and leave the buzz of busy life behind. Bear in mind that this southern tip is the ultimate diving destination for those who love exploring the underwater world!

Egypt is an astonishing travel destination with much more to be explored than the list above. Get lost in the rich culture of the country and absorb its unique wonders on the trip of a lifetime.

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