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Herodus Atticus theatre

Athens is a city that offers visitors many interesting and exciting things to do from Archaeological Sites, Top Class Museums to great shopping and lovely food.

In my travels abroad I have used myself but also have seen that a lot of people use tourist cards to save money. I am happy to say that finally, Athens has its own card called Athens City Pass

The view of the Acropolis and Hadrian's Arch from the temple of Olympian Zeus
The view of the Acropolis and Hadrian’s Arch from the temple of Olympian Zeus

Let me tell you a bit more about the Athens City Pass. It is offered in three different options, the Mini Pass, the Classic Pass and the Complete Pass.

Depending on what City Pass you choose you are entitled to a number of advantages. Free access to the public transportation of Athens (Classic & Complete Pass only) that includes the route from and to the airport. Free entrance to a handful of different attractions around the city of Athens and many discounts in shops, bars, restaurants, museums and tours.

The temple of Olympian Zeus
The temple of Olympian Zeus

There are two main advantages of using a City Pass:

First of all, by purchasing the city pass, you are saving a considerable amount of money. Secondly with the city pass you have to skip the line entrance to the attractions. Athens is a very popular city especially during the high season and the queues for the Acropolis, and the museums are big. You don’t want to wait for hours under the sun and also lose your limited time. Last summer I wanted to visit the Acropolis to take some photos and when I saw the lines I decided to go months later during the low season.

Moreover with the Classic and Complete Pass you no longer have to purchase a ticket for the public transport. You just validate on your first ride, and you are ready to go.


Here is an overview of what each city pass offers:

Athens City Pass

  • Skip the line entry to the Acropolis Museum
  • Hop on Hop off open bus with audio commentary and three different routes
  • Mini train ride in Piraeus
  • A walking tour of Athens ( you can choose between 3 different walks)
  • A fashion Pass with many discounts for McArthurGlen Designer Outlet
  • Discounts in more than 20 partners around Athens

Athens City Pass

Entitles you to all the advantages that the Athens City Mini Pass offers plus

  • Skip the line ticket to the Acropolis including the North and South Slope
  • Free travel with public transport (metro, bus, and tram) that includes the ticket from and to the airport
  • A city map of Athens

Athens City Pass

Entitles you to all the advantages of the Classic Pass plus

  • Extended skip the line Acropolis ticket that includes entry to:
  1. The Acropolis with North and South Slope
  2. Temple of Olympian Zeus
  3. Hadrian’s Library
  4. Lyceum
  5. Ancient Agora
  6. Roman Agora
  7. Kerameikos Archaeological Site
  8. Stoa of Attalos
  • Free admission to the following Museums
  1. National Archaeological Museums
  2. Epigraphical Museum
  3. Byzantine & Christian Museum
  4. Numismatic Museum


The Erechthion at the Acropolis
The Erechthion at the Acropolis

Now let me tell you a few things about the attractions that are included in the city passes to help you decide which one is for you.

Hop on Hop off bus:

It is valid for two days and offers visitors the opportunity to see many attractions in Athens and Piraeus. I find that these open buses are the best way to get an orientation of the city.

Free walking tours:

There are three tours available to choose from; the Acropolis walking tour, the National Garden & the Parliament walking tour and the Piraeus walking tour. They are available between April 15th and October 31st. The tour also offers audio commentary in many languages.


Mini Train Ride in Piraeus:

Piraeus is the main harbour of Athens. With this mini train that includes audio commentary, you will pass through Piraeus main attractions including the Municipal Theatre and the Nautical Museum.

Acropolis Museum:

The New Acropolis Museum is considered one of the best museums in Greece. The museum houses the findings of the Archaeological site of the Acropolis. It also offers great views of the Acropolis.

the Caryatids at the Acropolis Museum
the Caryatids at the Acropolis Museum

The Acropolis with North and South Slope:

The Acropolis of Athens is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is located on the top of a rocky hill overlooking the city of Athens and offers one of the best views of the city. Famous sites on the Acropolis include the Parthenon and the Erechtheion. On the Slopes of the Acropolis, you will have the chance to admire among others the theatre of Dionysus and the Odeon of Herodes Atticus.

Herodus Atticus theatre

The extended ticket to the Acropolis:

If you are a lover of History and Archaeology like me, then that is for you. Apart from the skip the line entrance to the Acropolis and the North and South Slopes, it includes entry to some of the most interesting sites in Athens. Some of them are the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Ancient Agora with the temple of Hephaistus, one of the best-preserved temples of the antiquity and the  Archaeological site of Kerameikos.

The temple of Hephestus in Ancient Agora
The temple of Hephestus in Ancient Agora

National Archaeological Museum:

It is considered one of the greatest museums in the world and houses one of the biggest collection of artefacts from the Greek antiquity. Famous exhibits include the Golden Mask of Agamemnon and the bronze statue of Zeus or Poseidon. It is a museum that you shouldn’t miss.


If you are fond of museums, you can also visit the Numismatic Museum that holds a great collection of ancient and modern coins. Another option is the Epigraphic Museum with a vast collection of inscriptions dating back from the ancient times to the late Roman Period. Lastly, there is the Byzantine and Christian Museum, which houses on of the biggest and most important collection of Byzantine Art in the world.

Plaka and Lycabettus hill as seen from the Acropolis
Plaka and Lycabettus hill as seen from the Acropolis

For more information: Athens City Pass
You can buy your Athens City Pass online and have it delivered to your door or pick it up at the airport. Note that if you choose the mini-pass, you can download it straight away, print it or use it on your mobile phone.

I think that the Athens City Pass is entirely worth it.

Not only you get free admission to the city’s major attraction, but you skip the line as well. In the classic and complete pass, you also get free transportation around Athens and not to mention the many discounts in attractions, shops, and restaurants all the passes offer.

The city pass offers an incredible value for money and saves you a lot of time.

For a hassle free visit to the Greek capital, I totally recommend buying the City Pass of your choice.

Do you use City Passes when visiting a city?


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