Family Holidays Made Easier with Timeshares

Family Holidays Made Easier With Timeshares

Anyone who has planned a family holiday getaway knows that you almost need to be a certified group therapist to get everyone’s agreement about where to go. Then it takes the attention to detail of a surgeon to dissect the needs of each member of the family and then put it all together into a fun holiday package.

Stress-Free? It Can Be

The one element that seems to be the last one on the planning list, yet can make a huge difference in the way the family interacts and, more importantly, relaxes, is the choice of accommodation. Most people choose the destination first, activities, etc., then flight costs and how to get around the area. Accommodations can almost be an afterthought. But there is a type of accommodation that can make the rest of the holiday a breeze. Timeshares.

There are over 5,000 timeshare resorts across121 countries, so choosing a timeshare rental is easy. And with the average unit size consisting of two bedrooms and two bathrooms, the units are ready-made for family members to not only co-exist, but have the space and privacy needed to really reboot and refresh.

Who Wants to Eat Pizza on the Bed Every Night?

When you rent a timeshare, many units come with full kitchens, lounge rooms and dining areas, so preparing meals and having a convenient place to actually enjoy it is not a problem. With the dietary requirements that some families have, whether it be for food allergies or more medically-restrictive limitations, the need to prepare meals is more important than ever. And some people just want a break from having to eat every meal out in a restaurant. Plus, eating in saves money, which can be a big bonus for larger families who would rather spend that extra cash in the theme parks or exploring the surrounding region.


Resort Amenities

Amazing Resort Amenities Simplify the Itinerary

So what about those queues waiting to get into the attractions? Or having to arrange transportation to get around, sometimes just to get to a beach?

Many timeshare resorts have eliminated these hassles because the developers have built state-of the-art resorts that have everything you need onsite. Often in the most desirable destinations such as Spain’s Costa del Sol region or Disney World in Orlando,many resorts are located in the best spots where you can step right onto the beach or into the theme park. With multiple swimming pools, luxury spas, water parks, children’s activities, restaurants, golf and tennis facilities, these resorts are truly one-stop locations where you barely have to move to get exactly what you want from your holiday.

Rekindle the Romance When You Buy a Timeshare

With that extra privacy also comes the chance to fire the flame in a relationship that may have dimmed lately. A 2014 survey conducted by the American Resort Development Associated showed that 71 percent of timeshare owners claimed to have more sex while on holiday, compared to only 31 percent who were not timeshare owners. Hmmmm …. looks like that separate bedroom sure does make a difference! We’ll bet you want to buy a timeshare now!

A Holiday Home in the Making

One of the real benefits of a timeshare holiday is the money that can be saved, especially over time.For the most part, timeshares are individually owned and those owners don’t use them every year so they rent them out to the public. Because owners don’t have to worry about overhead the way a resort would, these accommodations can be rented at a significant discount. If a guest really enjoys the resort and would like to return, timeshare resales can be purchased direct from owners for 50-60% below the standard resort price.

Just because timeshare resales can be purchased for a specific resort, it doesn’t limit the owner’s ability to travel to other destinations because of exchange companies. These are companies that have created a network of resorts that you can join and trade the use of your timeshare to stay at a different resort. So choosing from those 121 countries can be right at your fingertips.

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