First Timers Guide to Visiting New York

If you want to visit New York for the first time in your life, you need to know the best tips to follow. You cannot just venture into the city without knowing anything about it and expect to know what to do.

Here are some tips that will come in handy for first-time NYC visitors:

Don’t Pay Full Price

In NYC, things are always on sale, so you should take the chance to buy a few souvenirs. However, if something is not selling well, it will be discounted heavily. If you want to find cheap items, you should head to the consignment stores, chain stores, and discount stores, instead of starting at the high-end shops. If you visit during an actual delegate sales period, you will even get sales at the high-end boutiques, which include a rack at the back of the store.

Don’t Stare at Celebrities

If you meet any celebrity during your visit to NYC, you should not stare at them open-mouthed, no matter how much you admire them. Just ask for your autograph and move on to avoid being embarrassed. Many well-known people live in The Big Apple and the locals know enough to give them their space. If you break this pact and stare at them like an idiot, you will receive very nasty looks from locals.

Get out of Manhattan

Instead of staying in expensive Manhattan, you should consider getting out of the city and venturing to the other boroughs. Because more people are moving out of Manhattan to escape the expensive rent, you should consider going to Queens or Brooklyn if you want an affordable meal. Prospect Park and Brooklyn Heights are some of the best places that you can visit for a different perspective of NYC.

Tip Generously

Everyone will be giving you a service, including the woman who will wash your hair at the salon. Factoring tips into your daily budget will make things much easier if you do not want to appear stingy. The US system pays servers low wages, which means that they depend on tips to survive, so you should help them by tipping. Tips mean that you are thanking that person for the service, not the system.

However, you should know that New Yorkers withhold their tips if they think that the service is poor and you should feel free to do the same. When denying a server his tip, you should be ready to explain to him why you are doing so to help him improve on services.

Don’t be Afraid to Complain

If you do not like something, you should complain about it. You cannot just accept poor service because you are too afraid to speak your mind. If the food that you order is served cold, you should ask for another plate and complain. If your taxi driver is too slow or refuses to take the route you requested, you should complain about it and refuse to tip the person.

Go to the Rooftop

If you do not want to part with dozens of dollars to see a 360° view of New York City, you should consider buying a few drinks at a rooftop bar to see the view at no cost. Doing so will allow you to enjoy your drinks while seeing NYC from the top, which is how the city was meant to be seen. If you do not want to spend too much on drinks, you should make two drinks last.

Visiting New York is not always easy for first timers, but with the right tips, it is possible to have fun.



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