Hotel options in Flagstatt Arizona

image via Flickr by Al_HikesAZ

Flagstaff is a small town in Arizona that sits in an altitude of 2.135 m. in the middle of the world’s largest ponderosa pine forest.  Its location is unique as it is near to many attractions.

The famous route 66 passes through Flagstaff. A number of neon signs still stand along with the Museum Club, a historic building that used to be the largest log cabin in Arizona and now is a popular venue for bands.

The fans of science won’t be disappointed in Flagstaff as it is home to the Lowell Observatory where in 1930 planet Pluto was discovered. Also the world’s best preserved meteorite impact site on earth, known as the Meteor Crater is close by.

The town of Flagstaff is the perfect destination all year around for the nature lovers and the outdoor enthusiasts. During the winter months it’s perfect for skiing and snowboarding in the nearby mountains. Hiking along the many natural paths is another popular activity as is mountain biking, rock climbing, horseback riding and fishing in one of the many lakes of the area.  There are also four disc golf courses available for the golf aficionados.

Image via Flickr by Martin_PHX
Image via Flickr by Martin_PHX

Flagstaff is the perfect base to discover the natural wonders of the area as it is close to seven national parks and monuments. The most famous is the Grand Canyon National Park which is only 130 km away. Other natural parks and monuments worth visiting in the area include the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, the Petrified Forest National Park and the Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument among others.

Flagstaff offers visitors a range of accommodation options suitable for every budget.

Some of them include:

  • Canyon Inn, a recently renovated hotel that offers visitors comfortable rooms in budget friendly prices. It is near the Lowell Observatory and the Snow ball skiing center.
  • Hotel Aspen InnSuites is located on route 66 and offers renovated rooms and amenities like a fitness center and an outdoor swimming pool making it ideal for family holidays.
  • Little America hotel is situated within a pine forest and offers guests a variety of classical rooms an outdoor pool, spa facilities and a fitness center. It’s a great hotel for the nature lovers.
  • WyndhamVR is a big resort offering a range of townhouses equipped with kitchen facilities. Other amenities include a golf course, swimming pools, tennis courts and a spa.
  • Highland Country Inn is another great option for your stay in Flagstaff offering low-cost rooms with basic amenities such as on site laundry service and complimentary breakfast. It is located close to the university.
image via Flickr by Al_HikesAZ
image via Flickr by Al_HikesAZ

A lot of people drive through Arizona on road trips (typically because of the Grand Canyon). If you’re blazing through and make various stops along the way to Flagstaff, there are a lot of beautiful places to check out on the way. If you’re looking to visit Phoenix for a weekend, CasaGo offers comfy and roomy vacation rentals. If you make a pit stop in Tusayan, AirBNB is sure to have options you’ll love.

No matter which accommodation option you choose Flagstaff is the ideal place to base yourself to explore this part of Arizona.  This all season’s destination is suitable for the nature lovers with all the beautiful parks available nearby, the adventure seekers and the history buffs. If you are looking for more hotel option in the area you can see more here.

Have you ever been to Flagstaff? How did you spent your time?

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