Luxury on Your Mind? Here’s Why You Should Head to Lonavala India

Lonavala is the dream destination for every traveler who wishes to spend a weekend in the mirth of heaven. The natural beauty of Lonavala is so alluring that the tourists are automatically attracted towards this hill station in the heart of the Sahyadri Range. The soothing climate, the cool breeze blowing and sending a chill down the spine, the sunshine and the melodious birds singing to wake the people up creates such a harmonic that the positive vibe spreads far and wide. Moreover, the comfort and the hospitality that Lonavala has in store for the guests make the tourists delighted. Thus, if you are looking forward towards visiting a serene and quiet place for a few days so that you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city, you should definitely think about spending a few days in luxury at the hill station of Lonavala.


In order to ensure that your trip is luxurious, you would think that you would have to spend a lot of money. However, if you get to know that luxury can be bought without burning a hole in your pocket, how would you feel? Won’t you simply jump up in glee? Of course, you would!

When you surf through the websites of the travel agencies in India such as Yatra and the likes, you will get to see many 5 star hotels in Lonavala where you will be wrapped in luxury as long as you can pay well. However, even if you do not belong to the high-profile section of the society who can afford to spend a lot, that does not mean that you will be deprived of luxury in such a hospitable hill station of Lonavala. In fact, if you take a close look at the websites of all the leading travel giants, you will come across various budget hotels in Lonavala with swimming pools. Moreover, a stay at these budget hotels will ensure that you get the best amenities in town even if you have a tight budget in this dramatic way.



  • Fantastic Food: Have you ever eaten at the local dhaba on a highway or at a very attractive restaurant with minimal decorations? If you haven’t experienced that yet, Lonavala will give you an opportunity of a lifetime to eat like a king and yet save a lot. All you need to do is walk into the famous restaurant at the main market area and eat your heart out.

  • Splendid Scenery: No matter which part of the hill station you stay in, the lush green surroundings of Lonavala would never play hide and seek with you. Even if you cannot afford the luxurious dinner parties organized by the resorts in the open air, you can always sit down under a shady tree with the love of your eyes and take in the beautiful surroundings. After all, feeding your loved one with your own hands in the land of paradise is a luxury of its own which no money can buy.


  • Tranquil Tourist Places: Even though we humans do, nature does not discriminate between the wealthy and the poor. So, when you visit Lonavala, you can explore all the tourist spots in the same way as a person staying at a 5-star hotel can. After all, beauty is a resource that can never be owned and when it comes to natural beauty, you can never successfully own it.

Now that you know that luxury at Lonavala is not restricted to the lavish suites, the poolside parties, a candle light dinner and the likes, you will definitely take the initiative of hunting down the various budget hotels in Lonavala with swimming pools that you can afford. In this way, with a planning and with lots of love and affection from your partner and your loved ones, you will definitely enjoy a luxurious trip during your stay at Lonavala.

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