A Night Out at L’Amico Lounge Bar and Restaurant

If you are ever in Athens and wondering where to go to enjoy fantastic cocktails, delicious Italian food, or exquisite wine, you should head for L’Amico Lounge Bar and Restaurant. L’Amico is a casual beach club and popular lounge bar and restaurant located in Anavyssos, a beach resort near Athens, also known as the Athenian Riviera. It’s a beautiful spot to relax and the perfect place to spend time on the beach or dine out with friends on a weekend night.


Anavyssos is about an hour south of Athens on the Sounion coast. The famous Temple of Poseidon at Sounio is a short drive away, while the view from L’Amico is of the Saronic Gulf’s clear blue waters. The town is easy to get to from the city, which makes it a great day trip to escape the bustle of Athens.

Many of the restaurants in Anavyssos are traditional Greek tavernas that serve fresh fish and simple home-cooked meals. L’Amico retains that simple home-cooked style but on a much more sophisticated and modern scale. I recently spent an evening at L’Amico with some friends. We enjoyed some of the amazing cocktails on L’Amico’s drinks list and then sampled an array of Italian dishes.

L’Amico Beach Club

The L’Amico beach club is located next door to the Plaza Resort Hotel. The shore here is shallow and clear; it is also protected from the open sea which makes it ideal for families with children. They offer umbrellas and beach chairs for rent, a beach bar, changing rooms with bathrooms and showers, and an adjacent parking area. The beach club also has charming gazebos for rent; these are slightly more private than the umbrellas and beach chairs, making it perfect for a romantic getaway or a private girls day out. These are equipped with a low table, chairs with comfortable, plush cushions, and a call button for service.

L’Amico Lounge Bar and Restaurant

The L’Amico Lounge Bar and Restaurant is located on the upper level of the building. With a retractable roof plan, the entire restaurant can be open to the fresh air in the balmy Greek summer or closed during the chillier winter months. The feel inside the restaurant is modern and sleek, although there are several different sections.

In the centre of the room is a large bar, surrounded by high stools and great for gathering your group together before dinner. In another area are large wooden tables, perfect for families or large groups. Lastly, there is a lounge area with comfortable cushions and low tables that overlooks the sea.

The menu is comprised of Italian and Mediterranean foods; L’Amico is the only Italian restaurant in the area and makes many of their pastas, pizza bases, and more from scratch. All their pizzas are baked in a wood fired brick oven for that authentic crispy taste.

When I dined at L’Amico with friends recently, we ordered several cocktails from their list while enjoying the lingering sunlight over the water. The list includes classic cocktails like martinis and Manhattans as well as more creative ones. When it came time for dinner, we ordered the Insalata Caesar, which was absolutely delicious, to begin with. For our mains, we ordered a Pizza and Tagliatelle Ragu with wine.

In addition to their Italian menu L’Amico also hosts themed nights throughout the summer. These include Mexican nights, Sushi nights, and Burger nights. They are always advertised on their Facebook page so you will know when they are coming up!

Everything at L’Amico was wonderful. If you are in Athens and seeking a respite from the busy city, the Athenian Riviera is where to go. I highly recommend it for groups of friends who want to have a day out by the sea or for families with children.

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