3 Romantic places to visit in Greece

Romantic places in Greece are in abundance. Those who have visited Greece know that it is an incredibly diverse destination. Steeped in riveting history and astonishing natural beauty, both the mainland and its countless islands are amply capable of offering many types of visitors exceptional travel experiences. Couples, families, groups of friends, even solo travelers can find their holiday haven almost anywhere in Greece, provided they do a little bit of research based on their preferences. Here you will find 3 romantic places in Greece that promise a memorable getaway, laced with exciting visuals, embraced by privacy and wrapped up in luxury.

The most romantic places in Greece

Amorous Athens

Acropolis view from AthensWas hotel - romantic places in Greece
Acropolis view from AthensWas hotel

The capital city is in fact one of the most romantic places in Greece. There is something about sauntering around Athens by foot that takes your breath away at almost every corner. The sheer volume of ancient relics displayed in plain sight, the colourful downtown side streets, the plethora of little bars, picturesque shops and quaint tavernas come together to create an urban scene that is intriguingly conflicted and utterly charming. The Acropolis is the by far the most impressive landmark to behold, and simply gazing upon it from below will fill your soul with an unprecedented sense of awe.

AthensWas hotel Acropolis view suite - romantic places to visit in Greece
AthensWas hotel Acropolis view suite

For extending the magic that the ancient rock bestows upon its observers round the clock, couples can choose to stay at a luxurious Acropolis view suite. Discovering Athens at your own pace is a priceless experience for couples although culture seekers may also benefit from taking one of the many Athens tours, visiting the outskirts too, and the iconic Temple of Poseidon during sunset.

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Dreamy Santorini

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The mecca when speaking of romantic places in Greece, Santorini island is the epitome of a couples getaway in the Mediterranean. The volcanic nature and dramatic caldera cliff, the crescent shape, the colourful beaches, the most mesmerising sunset, the jaw dropping sea views… the list goes on. The astounding features of Santorini make it a unique place that closely resembles a fairytale or dream setting. It’s no wonder why couples are so enamoured with Santorini. You can get lost in the cobblestone alleys while holding hands.

Art Maisons Oia Castle Hotel Santorini - romantic places in Greece
Art Maisons Oia Castle Hotel Santorini

Immortalise the moment by taking selfies against the iconic Cycladic white and blue dome churches. Discuss your future together as you savour a glass of sweet Vinsanto and a delectable meal that brings out the best of the local ingredients, under a million stars. For absorbing as much of the Santo-dreamy vibes as possible, couples can choose to stay in a direct sunset view boutique hotel in Oia, so that they don’t have to cram in the narrow streets of the village to gaze upon the immaculate masterpiece that the retiring sun paints in the sky.

Art Maisons Oia Castle Hotel Santorini
Art Maisons Oia Castle Hotel Santorini

Romantic Monemvasia

Central square of Monemvasia
Central square of Monemvasia

Imagine a historic mansion away from clamour of cities and the hustle and bustle of popular locations. If you seek more of a retreat like destination to harbour your romance, then Monemvasia is the final contender on our list of romantic places in Greece. A hidden gem compared to the previous more high profile destinations, Monemvasia is a place that will take you back to Greece’s grander, more recent history, to Byzantine buildings and fortified towns. Being in the southeastern part of the Peloponnese, Monemvasia is a location of staggering charm.

Kinsterna Hotel Monemvasia
Kinsterna Hotel Monemvasia

Walking around its alleys reveal houses that tell a story, considering it was a destination that had seen a fair amount of raids in ancient times and numerous sieges during the Byzantine era and beyond. The remnants of this tumultuous history are laid to rest in stone, evoking feelings of wonderment. One such Byzantine mansion is now a historic luxury hotel in Monemvasia, where couples can be indulged in regal hospitality and the luxurious simplicity of elegance; natural spring water pools, a traditional stone built complex of sensational suites and services that are discrete yet attentive.

Junior_Suite Kinsterna Hotel Monemvasia
Junior Suite Kinsterna Hotel Monemvasia

Do you have any more romantic places to suggest in Greece?

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