Sailing is the best way to discover Greece

When it comes to finding out how to experience the most quintessential side of Greece, sailing is at the top of the list. Those who have done their fair share of travelling in this Mediterranean classic, will tell you that sailing is the best way to discover Greece. With so much sea to go around, it makes perfect sense to consider taking a nautical holiday that will take you from one island to the next, as well as shore to shore.

Your itinerary can cover many miles, a handful of destinations and offer you an experience like no other. An additional advantage is that you will be able to cover great distances with ease and convenience above all, since your journey will involve a vessel that does all the hauling for you; consider the alluring fact that you only have to board once while you can visit up to 10 locations within a week, if you so wish it. If all the above sounds appealing, you may be the sailing type of traveller. 

A week long cruise in Greece

For those who don’t know where to begin when it comes to deciding about week long cruises in Greece, perhaps your best bet is to start browsing through set itineraries of boutique cruise liners that offer you the best of both worlds. Traditional sailing can be a bit challenging for most, as there is close to zero comfort when it comes to spending an entire week at sea.

Mostly suited to the more adventurous types, traditional sailing involves having a tough stomach as rocking and swaying is pretty much part of the deal. For those who value comfort more than living a proper sailing experience which involves effort on the one hand, and a more laid back attitude in terms of comfort on the other, perhaps a cruise on board a small cruiser vessel is the perfect fit.


Conventional cruises on massive ships don’t really make the cut when it comes to getting to grips with each location; smaller or boutique cruisers allow guests to enjoy the conveniences of the facilities and services offered on board while they can dock very close to shore, as well as offer guided, in-land excursions to discover each destination thoroughly before rejoining your cruise and be off to the next point of your itinerary.

For a week long cruise in Greece, opt for visiting some coastal spots on the Greek mainland, which are equally enthralling as the islands themselves, and where driving is the only alternative in order to reach them. Nafplion, Monemvasia, Pylos and Gytheio are some suggestions that will reveal the hidden treasures of the Peloponnese, combined with a wonderfully relaxing experience of being at sea, in absolute comfort and style. 

Nafplion Greece

Tailor-make your own sailing trip

For those who would rather take matters into their own hands or those who have their dream sailing trip in mind but don’t know how to realise it, now there is a way to design your own sailing trip around Greece. If you are keen on exploring one destination in particular, perhaps start your holiday there and spend a few days to fully immerse yourself into the vibes of that place.

If Santorini is on your must-see bucket list, you should begin there before embarking on your tailor-made cruise. After that, the Aegean sea is your oyster and with the assistance of some sailing experts, you can make your dream cruise come true. Decide how many days you want to be at sea, as this will determine the possible itinerary options.

Alternatively, you can highlight destinations you want to visit, and then those will determine how many days you will need in order to cover them all. For visiting some totally off the beaten track islands in the Cyclades, check out Poliegos which is an uninhabited place, only accessible via the sea.

This means it is entirely unspoiled, with waters and cliffs that are absolutely mesmerizing to gaze upon. Milos island is another great option to consider incorporating into your sailing itinerary; although it is not uninhabited, it doesn’t yet have great infrastructure and is still pretty much best explored by sea with a myriad of sensational, secluded coves to discover in the privacy of your own cruise.

Last but not least, the striking Koufonisia islands are becoming increasingly popular with Greeks especially, who tend to steer away from the hugely popular island destinations such as Mykonos and Santorini, opting to visit the places that are less known on an international level.   

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