See Athens, the fun way!

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On Saturday I had the chance to rediscover my city, Athens with Scooterise. They invited the members of Travel Bloggers Greece to join them in a different tour of Athens.

The day sterted in their offices at 18 Chatzichristou Street, next to Acropolis metro stop by showing us how to use our Trikke. I must admit that I was a little bit afraid in the beginning if I could manage to do it  because I don’t drive and the last time I used a bike was at least two decades ago. After the first try I was pleasantly surprised of how easy and fun it was to move around.

Athens tour with Scooterise
Athens tour with Scooterise

Scooterise offers a variety of tours. We did the 2 1/2 hour Athens complete tour. Our first stop was Hadrian’s Arch and the Temple Of Zeus, then we saw the Zappeion Mansion and the Kallimarmaro stadium. After that we  headed to the Presidential mansion to see the guards before  passing through the National Gardens that led us to  Syntagma Square and the Greek Parliament. Our next stop was the bustling Monastiraki square. On our way to Plaka we drove through Monastiraki flea market and saw Handrian’s Library, the Tower of the Winds and the Roman Agora.

Athens tour Hadrian's Arch
Athens tour Hadrian’s Arch
Athens tour The Parliament
Athens tour The Parliament with TBG

The tour covers most of Athens main sites in a fast, fun and informative way. Our guides were very helpful throughout the tour giving us some facts about the sites we were seeing and taking us photos with our cameras. They also took their own photos and videos that later were sent to us by email.

Monastiraki Square
Monastiraki Square with TBG

So if you are in Athens and you are short in time, you don’t want to walk a lot or you simply want to do something different and fun you should consider Scooterise. I trully enjoyed myself and I believe its something I would do again in the future.

Kallimarmaron, Athens
Kallimarmaron, Athens
Guards at the presidential mansion in Athens
Guards at the presidential mansion
Outside the Acropolis Museum, Athens
Outside the Acropolis Museum

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35 thoughts on “See Athens, the fun way!”

  1. I saw one of these in Spain (there was only one brave soul in Cadiz who rode it along the beaches), but never knew what they are called. I was not sure how difficult it could be to ride one of them. Seems that you really liked it. If I ever get a chance I am ready to try Scooterise.

  2. We love Athens and haven’t been back since our daughter was born. We’d love to take her and she would absolutely love touring Athens with these cool scooters! Will definitely look them up when we’re in Athens.

  3. Oh, how fun! I have never seen one of these before, they look like they would be easy enough to use though. What a great way to see a city!

  4. How fun! Looks like a great way to get around and see everything! We loved Athens–this makes me want to go back and give this tour a try!


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