Serviced Apartments in Japan: a High Quality Solution for Business Traveller

The accommodation in Tokyo falls nothing short of stellar – in various surveys, it has consistently been ranked among the first cities when it comes to cleanliness, safety, nightlife, shopping, and visitors find that it upholds this reputation. As a result, developers have consistently increased the cost of new units, and this is a trend that shows no signs of slowing down. Quite the opposite, the skyline has become steadily more populated with skyscrapers serving both as housing units and business headquarters.

A New Offer for Travellers

A new variant of the old industry has found its place among the gigantic metropolises of Japan’s mainland. High quality serviced apartments in Japan represent rentable units that draw the attention of tourists and salarymen alike, earning sharp distinction of a market-ready to become more than just a niche. They have offered benefits that are highly sought in Japan; their safety index has surpassed that of hotels due to visitor verification process that directly involves the tenant, and they have offered stable rent prices that do not increase when the number of residents sharing the apartment does. In a densely packed area of Tokyo, space is one of the priciest commodities, and serviced apartments dispense it generously.

What to See in Tokyo

Here’s a piece of advice that is a bit unusual: start with sports. Visiting a Sumo match represents a unique insight into the Japanese culture, and Ryōgoku Sumo Hall is just to place to experience it. It even has a museum about the sport, and while the tickets usually have to be booked in advance, it is very much worth it.

From Religion to Technology: the Aspects of Modern Japan

After the noise of the arena, you can choose to visit Kanda Shrine, a Shinto temple where people pray to – among others – Gods of Fortune, so you can see that ever since the Edo Period, people of Tokyo took care to appease the market forces. It is very close to Akihabara, which means “autumn leaf field”, but today it’s commonly known as the Electric Town.

It is considered both a technology hub of Tokyo and the place where you can observe the trends in Japanese popular culture. Stores here can be quite pricey, and some of the figurines on display there can fetch dizzying prices.

The Realities of Urban Space

Many Japanese that visit these places are known as otakus – people with obsessive interests in the anime and manga fandom. Some sociologists have connected this with the desire to escape the realities of urban life: it is hard to find an affordable apartment and many Japanese are obligated to stay in the family home.

Serviced apartments represent a shrewd fit for a country where living space is the hardest asset to obtain. They save a lot of time and money for companies looking to house their employees in a safe and welcoming environment, offer a more personal living space for tourists, but what’s more important, they are simultaneously more affordable than the more traditional living arrangements, and the comfort they offer proves to be a key factor when trying to find a taste of home in a foreign land.

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