The Best Lefkada Beaches

Agiofili Beach - The Best Lefkada Beaches
Agiofili Beach @shutterstock

Lefkada is said to be one of the most beautiful islands in the whole of Greece, and that’s not surprising because there are pretty villages, lush green mountains and charming, friendly people. That’s not all, it’s here you’ll find some of the most beautiful beaches in the whole of the Mediterranean, with crystal clear blue water lapping onto the white sandy beaches, you’ll think you’ve found a little piece of heaven. Here is a guide to the best beaches in Lefkada for you to enjoy.

Best beaches on Lefkafa Island

Vassiliki Beach

Beach in Vasiliki -The Best Lefkada Beaches
Beach in Vasiliki @shutterstock

Vassiliki beach is a stretch of part pebble, part sandy beach 37 km from Lefkada town and it’s flanked by gorgeous green hills, rising up out of the water. The windy conditions make this beach ideal for windsurfing, sailing and kayaking. The beach is easily reached by foot if you’re staying in town. Vassiliki Beach is organised with plenty of cafes and restaurants, and it’s a great beach for families to spend the day there.

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Agiofili Beach

Agiofili Beach - The Best Lefkada Beaches
Agiofili Beach @shutterstock

Close to Vassiliki village, Agiofili beach is one for nature lovers. There isn’t much to do but admire the sparkling turquoise water and the views out to the sea. The beach is pebbly and can get crowded, so it’s best to arrive in the morning. Visitors can take a 20 minute walk from Vassiliki to reach Agiofili, or by boat from Vassiliki. The water is dazzling, so it’s a great location for snorkelling and swimming. This beach is not organised, so you’ll need to make sure you take water and food along.

Porto Katsiki Beach

Porto Katsiki beach Lefkada
Porto Katsiki beach

Porto Katsiki is close to the village of Athani and, of all the beaches on Lefkada, this is one of the most stunning, with impressive white cliffs and gem blue waters. It’s easy to reach, by boat, from Vassiliki and Nidri, or by car and there are steps leading down to the pebbly beach. It can get crowded with people arriving on private yachts and tourist boats, but parts are quieter with the cliffs providing a welcome shade. It’s partly organised and food and drinks can be ordered from nearby tavernas and cafes. It’s suitable for families, however the water is deep, so extra care should be taken with children.

Egremni Beach

Egremni beach from above Lefkada
Egremni beach from above Lefkada

Egremni is on the southwest coast, 40 km from Lefkada town. If you’re seeking tranquility, Egremni beach is a relaxing place to spend the day, with breathtaking views all around. There is a footpath that leads down to the beach, but the best and safest way to get there is by boat. It’s one of the longest beaches on Lefkada, so it won’t ever feel crowded. Sunbeds and umbrellas are available and there is a beach bar that serves food and drinks. It has small white pebbles which are comfortable to lie on, but due to the deep water and undercurrents it’s not suitable for children. This beach is also popular with naturists.

Kathisma Beach

Kathisma Beach -The Best Lefkada Beaches
Kathisma Beach @shutterstock

Close to Agios Nikitas, Kathisma is a long sandy beach with mountains behind and a brilliant blue sea that reaches out to the horizon. This beach has something for everyone, paragliding, swimming or simply relaxing in the warmth of the sun. It’s organised with sunbeds and umbrellas, bars and restaurants, and it’s easy accessible by car, bus or on foot. It’s popular with families, solo travellers and naturists and can get busy, but it’s long enough to be able to find a peaceful spot all to yourself.

Ai Yiannis Beach

Kathisma Beach - The Best Lefkada Beaches
Kathisma Beach @shutterstock

Close to Lefkada town, Ai Yiannis is a 4.5 km long stretch of sand and fine pebbles, surrounded by green vegetation and blue-green sea. It’s perfect for those who come to take advantage of the windy weather for windsurfing and kitesurfing. It’s not suitable for children to go swimming as the sea can get rough, but it’s organised with sunbeds and there are plenty of cafes and restaurants. It’s accessible on foot and there is parking near the beach.

Agios Nikitas Beach

Agios Nikitas Beach - The Best Lefkada Beaches
Agios Nikitas Beach @shutterstock

Agios Nikitas beach is just 10 km from Lefkada town and is similar to Porto Katsiki beach, but it doesn’t get as busy. Swim in the blue Ionian sea and you’ll see the delightful village houses, amidst the green cliffs and mountains in the distance. It’s a small, finely pebbled beach, with tavernas and cafes and the relaxing atmosphere means it’s a super place for families. Agios Nikitas beach is easily accessible on foot from the village.

Milos Beach

Milos-beach - The Best Lefkada Beaches
Milos-beach @shutterstock

One of the most beautiful beaches in Lefkas situated next to Agios Nikitas beach. It is a sandy beach with turquise waters completely unspoilt. There are two ways to get there; you can either walk, there is a path starting from Agios Nikitas village (it is a steep walk at some points) or during July and August take a boat from Agios Nikitas village.

Pefkoulia Beach

Pefkoulia beach - The Best Lefkada Beaches
Pefkoulia beach @shutterstock

A favourite among visitors is Pefkoulia for its turquoise ocean and mostly sandy beach and the shade that’s provided by the pine trees fringing the edges. Located near Agios Nikitas village, it’s easily accessible by car. Pefkoulia doesn’t get too crowded, and there are restaurants and cafes, parking and sunbeds. It’s family friendly and there is an area for naturists.

Megali Petra Beach

Megali-Petra-Beach -The Best Lefkada Beaches
Megali-Petra-Beach @shutterstock

Wind your way, on foot, towards the stunning shoreline and take in the amazing colours of green and blue, until you reach the unspoilt small-pebbled beach of Megali Petra, near Kalamitsi. It’s difficult to reach by car because of the steep and narrow roads which is why this beach doesn’t get crowded. There are no facilities, so you’ll need to take water and food if you plan a visit here.

Nidri Beach

Harbor of Nidri - The Best Lefkada Beaches
Harbor of Nidri @shutterstock

Crystal clear water, a tree-lined sandy beach and close to the town of Nidri, makes this beach a popular one with families, young travellers and locals alike. It’s the best organised beach on Lefkada, with sunbeds and umbrellas for rent, plenty of cafes, bars and restaurants, and watersports centres.

Lefkada has many stunningly beautiful beaches on offer, so whichever one you choose to visit, you can be sure that you’ll be in paradise, at least for the day.

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