Things to do in Kefalonia, Greece

Assos Kefalonia - things to do in Kefalonia
Assos Kefalonia

Kefalonia or Cephalonia is a must-see destination in Greece located in the crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea. Although it is the largest of the Ionian Islands, tourism is spread out over the island, so the laid back lifestyle is preserved even in high season. From incredible beaches to visiting picturesque villages, Kefalonia has it all. Here are some things to do in Kefalonia that you’ll definitely want to see.

Discover the Stunning Beaches

Kefalonia is covered in some of the most incredible beaches in the world. With many surrounded by tall, lush green hills leading down to the bright electric blue waters they are a site to be seen. Here are five of the top beaches in Kefalonia for getting that perfect tan and satisfying your urge for adventure:

 Myrtos; located on the northwestern coast of Kefalonia, Myrtos is considered one of the top 30 best beaches in the world. The colour of the sea is vibrant and sunset is a time not be missed as it turns the sea from an incredible orange into a bright rose colour.

 Antisamos; this beach is only a few kilometres from the bustling port of Sami. The green hills seem to grow almost into the clear sea, making it clear why it was chosen to film some scenes for the movie “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin”. Along the beach, there are sundecks to relax on under the shade of umbrellas or if you are feeling adventurous a watersports centre can satisfy your needs.

Petani; found about 20km west of Argostoli on the peninsula of Paliki. The huge cliffs come right up to the sandy beach. The water deepens quickly near the shore, creating much larger waves then found on the other beaches in Kefalonia.

 Xi; named from the X-shape of the cove, is one of the most famous beaches on the island. A bar right on the beach can quench your thirst as you lay on the sun beds under the straw umbrellas. The gentle waves and shallow water make it a perfect place for families with children.

Skala; this long sandy beach runs along the bright, clear blue sea on one side, and dense green hills on the other. It is a perfect location for snorkelling or jumping onto an excursion boat that will take you to nearby isolated coves.

Myrtos Beach Kefalonia - things to do in Kefalonia
Myrtos Beach Kefalonia

Visit Fiskardo

A visit to Fiskardo will transport you back in time. While many villages were destroyed in the 1953 earthquake, this beautiful fishing village is one of the few that survived and many buildings still have their traditional local colours. Whether you want to walk along the main coastal road to shop and visit the many taverns or visit the ruins of a Palaeolithic settlement and Byzantine churches, Fiskardo is not to be missed.

Fiskardo Kefalonia - things to do in Kefalonia
Fiskardo Kefalonia

Be in Awe of the Melissani Cave

This impressive cave was discovered in 1951 and opened to the public in 1963. The cave lake is one of the most incredible sights on the island and is located about 2km from the town of Sami. Try to visit the cave in the middle of a bright sunny day in order to view the rays of sun shining down through the collapsed roof onto the blue waters of the lake.

Melissani Cave Kefalonia - things to do in Kefalonia
Melissani Cave Kefalonia

See the Sea Turtles in Argostoli

Argostoli is the biggest town and bustling capital of the island, it is also home to a permanent population of endangered loggerhead sea turtles. They live in the Argostoli harbour and can be seen in high concentrations in the morning while waiting around the fishing boats for the fisherman to clean out their nets.

Explore the Picturesque Villages

Kefalonia has many must-see villages around the island that each boast their own uniqueness. Here are three beautiful villages that you won’t want to miss:

Agia Efimia; this coastal fishing village is found off the east coast of the island. It is the perfect place to visit adorable churches, remains of old fortresses, and Venetian buildings.

Assos; is a small town with only 100 inhabitants in this charming village. On the left side of the village Assos is connected with a castle built in 1500 to protect against pirates.

Sami; this town is the second largest port after Argostoli. The town has a perfect waterfront with unique Venetian buildings, shops, and cafes that look out over the blue-green waters. If you’re craving some history the Acropolis of Sami can be found up in the Lapitha Mountain behind the town. This was once a densely populated and strongly fortified town that was an autonomous and independent state in the Paleolithic Times, the ruins of which can still be visited today.

Assos Kefalonia - things to do in Kefalonia
Assos Kefalonia

Catch a Boat to Ithaca or Zante

Cephalonia is the perfect place to jump onto a boat tour to explore the islands of Ithaca of Zante. Ithaca has an impressive coastline with secluded beaches and incredible waters.

Zante is the perfect place to not only see the famous shipwreck, a magical view on the beach in front of the steep, white cliffs but is also one of the last reproductive grounds for the Caretta-Caretta sea turtles.

Navagio Beach Zante
Navagio Beach Zante

Satisfy Your Urge for Adventure

Horseback riding; the town of Sami offers riding tours and lessons that cater to everyone from beginners to experienced riders. The horses are well-trained with sweet temperaments and they offer a variety of riding styles.

Diving; the crystal, clear waters of Kefalonia make it an incredible diving location with wonderful visibility that can sometimes exceed 40 meters!

Sea Kayaking; kayaking along the scenic coastline and calm waters is the perfect way to spend a day in Kefalonia.

Hiking in Mt. Ainos National Park; the only national park on a Greek island, it is perfect for nature lovers. There are multiple trails ranging in difficulty levels that allow you to explore the incredible forests and possible let you encounter some of the small semi-wild horses that roam the southeastern side of the mountain.

Kefalonia island

Visit the Kefalonian Brewery

Located in the town of Sami, this brewery offers tours and tastings of their delicious brew. For more information:

Explore the Castle of Agios Georgios

Situated approximately 5km from the town of Argostoli, this beautiful Venetian castle was once the capital of Kefalonia until 1757. It was probably built around the 12th century by the Byzantine emperors and the outside walls are still well preserved. Although the castle has been damaged by earthquakes, there are still some walls and arches that can be viewed.

Where to stay in Kefalonia, Greece

HotelsCombined is a great website to check out to find the most cost-effective accommodation option for you in Kefalonia. It will tell you which hotel booking site has the best price. Here are my picks for the best accommodations in Kefalonia, Greece:

Nine Mouses Hotel is located in Skala Kefalonia opposite a pebble beach. The rooms are equipped with air-conditioning, a fridge, a kitchenette and free Wi-Fi. The hotel also has a swimming pool and a restaurant on -site. Check here for the latest prices and more details or check out Tripadvisor Reviews.

Regina Dell Acqua Resort is located in Skala Kefalonia and it offers 5 -star accommodation and great service. The hotel is close to Skala’s beach, shops and restaurants and there are also a swimming pool, a spa, a restaurant and a bar available onsite. Check here for the latest prices and more details or check out Tripadvisor Reviews.

Avithos Resort is located is Svoronata Kefalonia. It offers traditional accommodation, a swimming pool, a bar and restaurant. Rooms are equipped with air-conditioning, a fridge, a kitchenette, and free Wi-Fi. Check here for the latest prices and more details or check out Tripadvisor Reviews.

How to get to Kefalonia, Greece

By Plane:

Kefalonia has an international airport with direct flights from Athens (35 mins) and Thessaloniki and direct flights from many European cities during the summer.

By Ferry:

Ferries to Kefalonia run daily from Killini, a port town in Western Peloponnese. The journey takes 1h and 2o minutes and the ferry arrives in Poros, the main town of Kefalonia (prices are around 10€ one-way).

Kefalonia is also connected with other islands like Zante, Ithaca and Lefkada.

For more details about the ferry schedule, you can check here:

Kefalonia is the perfect Greek travel destination. The cultural and historical sites show its rich heritage while its gorgeous beaches and delicious restaurants turn it into a relaxing environment. The views of the island are spectacular everywhere you look with the green of the island spilling into the vibrant blue of the Ionian Sea. Because of the large size of the island, the crowds stay at a minimum so you can enjoy the full experience of what the island has to offer. Renting a car is highly recommended.

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