Things Which You Simply Mustn’t Forget Before You Go Traveling

Many people have a certain list which they use when they go traveling, including things like clothing, cameras, tech, chargers, toiletries etc. In truth however, there are only a few basic essentials which you need to go traveling with. This is not to say that you shouldn’t take all of the above, but you should always keep your mind on the absolute basics which you will require. Food, clothes, toiletries and gadgets can be bought pretty much anywhere in the world, but without the following items, you will find yourself in a great deal of trouble.


 If you are going to a foreign country then you must have your passport, failure to do so means that you will not leave your home country. Aside from remembering to take the passport itself, you must also ensure that it is in date, and in fit condition for you to use. Check your passport details as soon as you have booked your trip, as obtaining a new passport can often take a lot of time.

 Travel Insurance

 Travel insurance is not mandatory and in truth there are many people who think that it is a waste of time and therefore opt to travel without it. Whilst it is understandable as to why people would choose not to pay for travel insurance, it is not a smart option. If something should happen to you abroad, the costs could be stratospheric and leave you in a great amount of trouble. Avoid this risk and pick a smart insurer who can cover your individual needs.


 You should always check well in advance of your trip what the visa requirements are in the country that you are going to. Very often a visa application is very simple, the ESTA for visiting the USA for example can be done quickly online. In some cases, however the visa may be harder to obtain so be sure that you are dealing with this well in advance of your trip.

 Paper Copies

 Whilst you may have all of your travel information saved in your emails on your phone or tablet, you never know when something could go wrong. Instead of being stranded in the airport not knowing where your hotel is, or how to get there, make paper copies of all transport information and destination details, to avoid being caught out.

 Access to Money

 If your wallet or purse is stolen whilst you are traveling, how will you get money when you arrive? To counter this you should have several different types of money, in different bags and pockets. Think about travels checks, credit and debit cards plus actual cash before you go, and store it in different places. You should also let your bank know where you are going and ask what their emergency cash options are.

As long as you have these 5 items covered, everything else can be replaced if needed, so don’t forget the basics.


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