Three Survival Tips for Passing through the UK’s Busy Airports

The UK is home to many of the busiest airports in the EU and in the world, and with the number of passengers checking in and out of them on a daily basis, traveling can be a nightmare. To make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible on the day of your departure, there are a few things you should consider so that you can keep airport anxiety at the bare minimum.


1. Check in online Check in counters at the airport are worrisome and are best avoided with online check-ins. Although Independent Traveler reveal that there are downsides to this, there are definitely more ups than downs, including the saving time, convenient printable boarding passes, and decreased paper costs. This is especially useful for those that are only traveling with carry-on luggage, shedding minutes off your boarding time and waiting at the baggage drop-off counter.

2. Fly from a local airport Long queues are often a problem in large aviation hubs like Heathrow, which affect efficiency in airport processes. One way to avoid this issue is by opting to travel through a smaller, less busy airport to fly out from. “Generally speaking, you will get through immigration much faster at a smaller regional airport than at a main hub,” says Nick Trend of The Telegraph. In cities such as London, there are tons of airports to choose from, and many of the lesser-known hubs are continually expanding the number of operating airlines. Choose wisely, as your airport of departure can significantly impact the amount of stress you’ll experience on the day of your flight.

3. Take advantage of airport parking Like the blogger of Grrrl Traveler explains, there’s a 50/50 chance that taking a taxi will add more strain to your trip, so let’s forget about hailing a cab and paying a fare that can instantly shoot up should you encounter any traffic. If you’ve got a car, then there’s really no reason why you should be paying for a cab or weaving through crowds of people on trains and public transport to get to the airport on time. By parking on the airport grounds, you’ve already sorted out transportation for the beginning and end of your trip. UK airports have a multitude of parking options, with some nearby hotels offering park-and-stay alternatives for those early mornings or late night flights, according to

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