Top reasons to go on a cruise

During my recent visit to the Greek Islands, I saw a few cruise ships on the harbor and I started thinking that maybe it was time for me to try something like that. My only experience in cruising comes from a one day cruise I did in the Saronic islands last summer that I utterly enjoyed. I never got bored on this one day cruise but will this apply to multi day cruising as well ? After talking to a few cruise passengers I saw in Santorini last November I concluded that cruising is fun. Here are a few reasons I am thinking of going on a cruise. If you are among those people who’s considering going on cruise for the first time keep reading.


  • Great Value

Cruising is great for people on a budget as you get to purchase a package that includes everything from transportation to the ship, your accommodation on board, all the meals and your day and night entertainment. A cruise package doesn’t let you slip from your predetermined budget. Also it doesn’t need a lot of planning on your behalf. Just pick an itinerary, a ship, a cabin and you are ready to go.

  • Great for families

Sharon from Simpler and Smarter tells me cruises are perfect for families. With kids clubs that kids love and many activities which are suitable for families, cruises are the perfect way for both adults and kids to have a fun vacation.

  • See multiple destinations

During a cruise you get to visit multiple destinations without the hassle of having to change hotels, pack and unpack multiple times. In most cases every day you get to wake up in a new destination ready to be explored.


  • You will never get bored

Cruise ships nowadays have so many on board activities that you are bound not to get bored while you are on the sea. Various sport activities, swimming, sunbathing, dance lessons. yoga lessons, various workshops, spa facilities and night entertainment are some of the things that will keep you busy while on board. Don’t forget the various options you will have on dining every day. If you are traveling with kids there are many activities to keep them entertained as well.

  • Socialize

While on board you get to meet a lot of people from around the world. You can do that while you share a table at lunch, by the pool, during your chosen activities on board or even on the excursions you will make at each stop of your itinerary.

Have you been on a cruise? What did you enjoy and what you didn’t? I would love to hear all about it.




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  • I like that you point out that one of the benefits of going on a cruise is that you will never be bored. I went on a cruise last spring and there was always some activity or event going on that it was hard to keep up with everything. On the flip side, if nothing catches your attention, you can just rest on a lounge chair and watch the ocean.

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