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handmade pasta from Pontos with beef and tomatoe sauce
handmade pasta from Pontos with beef and tomatoe sauce

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On Sunday the 21st of June, all members of Travel Bloggers Greece including myself gathered at Mana’s Kouzina – Kouzina restaurant to celebrate our 6th month anniversary.

Travel Bloggers Greece members
Travel Bloggers Greece members

Mana’s Kouzina – Kouzina is centrally located in Agia’s Irinis square very close to Monastiraki station. Agia’s Irinis square is considered a hot spot in Athens, with many bars and restaurants, just a step away from the Acropolis. Mana’s Kouzina Kouzina translates in English as Mother’s kitchen and is exactly that; returning to our roots and cooking how our mothers and grandmothers used to cook.

It was the second time I visited Mana’s Kouzina Kouzina restaurant and have meant to write about it ever since. It is one of my favorite restaurants in downtown Athens because it’s the only place where you can try so many local dishes from areas around Greece like Crete, Peloponnese, Central and Northern Greece and of course the islands. All the items in the menu are made from fresh traditional products from small farmers and producers around Greece; so do the beers and the wines that are served.

Dimitris Aivaliotis, one of the chefs, prepared for us a big variety of plates from around Greece (around 24) that were all delicious. He also explained to us the way he cooks the food and shared some tips with us,  like how his beef is so tender that melts in the mouth.

Greek food handmade pasta from Pontos with beef and tomatoe sauce
handmade pasta from Pontos with beef and tomatoe sauce
Greek Food Mousaka with grilled vegetables
Mousaka with grilled vegetables

After trying all these lovely dishes with traditional Greek food, drinking some great wine and tasting some local beers it was time for dessert. Apart from the wonderful dessert that the restaurant offered like Portokalopita (orange pie), Amber Charmei of Provocolate, member of Travel Bloggers Greece from Thessaloniki surprised us with  handmade cookies, brownies and marshmallows.

Desserts sent by TBG member Amber Charmei
Desserts sent by TBG member Amber Charmei

Finally the owner Stefanos showed us around the wonderful open kitchen and explained how the restaurant works and how he came up with the name and the whole concept.

a variety og Greek desserts
a variety of  Greek desserts

The restaurant is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner and one of its advantages is the friendly prices combined with quality ingredients and fine taste.

It was a wonderful night, with great company, tasty food and relaxed atmosphere.

So if you are wondering where to eat traditional Greek food in Athens Mana’s Kouzina Kouzina is the place for you.

You can find Mana’s Kouzina Kouzina at  Aiolou 27 , Agias Irinis Square



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