Volos and the famous tsipouradika

The area around Volos is one of my favorites in Greece. The seafront city of Volos is situated in the centre of Greece, 320 km north of Athens and 220 km south of Thessalonike and it is considered one of the most beautiful in the country. According to mythology from the port of Volos in the Pagasetic Gulf set sail the famous Argonaut expedition.

port of Volos
at the sea front of the town

Nowadays from Volos you can visit the islands of Sporades; Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonnisos.

There are a lot of things you can do in the city of Volos.

  • You can visit the area of “Palia” in the west side of the town where you will see the ruins of a castle and roman baths. At the old days the area used to be a shipyard.
  • The beautiful building of Achillio cinema.
  • It is also worth walking along the Argonauts Avenue just in front of the port.
port of Volos
walking down port of Volos


Volos however is famous for Tsipouradika (little restaurants) named after Tsipouro, which they serve it along with mezedes (food teasers like seafood, meat etc). So you basically pay for the drink and eat for free. If you want to taste the real Volos then you have to go to Tsipouradika. You will find them at the seafront opposite of Volos port. One of the best is called Papadis. You will notice it because it is always full.  Address: Argonafton 9

Tsipouradika in Volos
Tsipouradika in Volos
Greek mezedes accompanying tsipouro
Greek mezedes accompanying tsipouro

Another area where you will find more tsipouradika but not at the seafront is in Nea Ionia, a suburb of Volos. I totally recommend the tsipouradiko named Bokos. Address: Meandrou 143 & Ellispondou N Ionia

Near the town of Volos there is mountain Pelion which was considered to be the home of the Centaurs. It is a unique place to visit all year round. The villages on mountain Pelion are very picturesque with great architecture and incredible nature. In the region you can do a lot of activities like hiking, horseback riding and skiing. In the summer months one can also visit the incredible beaches of the area.

at Volos seafront
at the seafront

My husband comes from there so I have the pleasure to visit the town of Volos and the beautiful villages of Pelion very often.

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  1. Volos is a interesting city, lots of fun stuff to see and visit. Farmers market are unbelievable. The Pelion is one of the most beautiful places I have traveled to. I have been there twice and love it more each time. I


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