10 Rhine River Cities to Visit

The Rhine River is one of the longest European rivers (more than 1200 Km!) and it flows through six countries:  Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, France, and The Netherlands.

It rises in the Alps and flows through many famous cities and beautiful natural landscapes before meeting the North Sea.

If you’d like to plan an itinerary touching more than one Country, just follow the Rhine River and visit these unmissable cities on its banks.


A modern city located in Northern Switzerland which is famous for having the highest number of museums in the whole Country.



This small capital, wedged between Austria and Switzerland at 17 square kilometers, is often overlooked by international visitors, but it's worth a weekend visit.



Mainz is located right at the confluence of the Rhine River with the Main River, and it’s the capital of Rhineland-Palatinate Land.



It’s often off the radar of international visitors, but its noble and refined atmosphere makes it a popular location for German weddings.



The city reached its peak during the Middle Ages when it was home to the powerful archbishops of Trier.


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