16 Best Greek Cities to Visit

Whether you enjoy sun-soaked sandy beaches, classical, ancient monuments, or modern nightlife and contemporary culture, there is undoubtedly somewhere in Greece for you to uncover and explore. 

From the crystal blue waters of Greece’s plethora of picturesque islands, all the way to the astonishing Athens, the country is full of breathtakingly unique cities.

This story will help you decide which cities to visit during your trip to Greece as well as their highlights, from the larger, well-known cities, right down to the smaller, yet still incredible ones.


One of the world’s most ancient cities, Athens is a city of elegance, history, and culture, as well as taking on many modern quirks. 



One of Greece’s largest cities, and a hub of gastronomical, artistic, and cultural activity, Thessaloniki is one of the country’s most charming hidden gems.


Kalampaka (Meteora)

Meteora is an immense rock formation, that is dominated by huge rock towers with monasteries gently resting on top. 


Volos and Pelion Villages

Volos is a great place to base yourself if you would like to explore the Pelion Villages, which are situated on the nearby Mount Pelion.



This slow-paced city is a traditional port city, and has a great gastronomical charm, serving some of the most authentic and fresh Greek food in the whole country.


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