17 Useful Things To Know Before Traveling To Egypt

With the number of Egyptian friends I have (and that often took me around while I was in Cairo), you’d imagine everything would have gone smoothly.

You see, Egypt is a gorgeous country, with a unique, complicated, and incredibly interesting history; it has a rich culture, and there are lots to see and do.

Yet, it’s worth asking yourself a number of questions before visiting Egypt – and looking for answers for them.

Is Egypt safe?

If you are thinking of traveling to Egypt, you need to understand that this is an extremely complex country.


Army is everywhere

This should not intimidate you at all! Remember that Egypt relies a lot on tourism and making sure tourists are and feel safe is important.


Scams, hassling and bribery are an issue

In certain places, like the Pyramids, I was incessantly pursued by street vendors or other service providers who wouldn't accept a refusal.


You need a visa

You will need a visa for traveling to Egypt. Citizens of many countries can get an online visa really easily.


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