18 Famous Italian Statues

Italy's artistic heritage includes architecture, painting, and sculpture, with statues adorning cities and towns in diverse styles, materials, and eras.

Let’s discover a non-exhaustive list of Italian statues that surely deserve a second look!

The most famous Italian statues you cannot miss.

Capitoline She-Wolf

A she-wolf found and raised them, so they survived and grew up. Once adults, Romolo founded the city of Rome after having killed his brother.



It was made of white Carrara marble between 1501 and 1504. It’s really huge: 5m high and 5 tons of weight!



It represents the Virgin Mary holding Christ’s body after his death, which was a common subject in funerary art during the Renaissance.


La Madonnina

This statue of the Virgin Mary has always been protecting the city from above and no new building nor skyscraper can be higher than that (108m)!



It was made between 1513 and 1515 and it’s considered one of the main masterpieces of Italian art.


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