21 Things to Do in Volterra, Tuscany

Volterra is a lovely town at the heart of Tuscany, and it’s only a few miles away from Pisa, San Gimignano, Florence, and Siena.

Its charming old town has also been used as a movie set, even by famous directors like Catherine Hardwicke, who shot a few scenes from the Twilight saga right in Volterra!

Here’s a list of what you can see and do in Volterra.

Watch the Old Buildings in Piazza Dei Priori

It was the political center of the town, the market square, and the place where locals gathered on social occasions.


Enter the Cathedral

Inside, you can see several works of art, but its wooden coffered ceiling is equally impressive. Its main entrance is located in San Giovanni Square.


Take a Picture of the Baptistery

This impressive building closely reminds the visitors of the famous Tuscan churches and baptisteries decorated in polychrome marble.


Take a Picture of Porta Dell’arco

It’s made of three types of stones in three different colors (yellow, light grey, and dark grey), and it’s decorated with three human heads.


Climb Up to the Medici’s Fortress

It overlooks Volterra from the top of a hill, and it was built in 1474 when the town was conquered by the Florentines.


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