28 Places to Visit in Spain

Spain is an incredible country to visit with stunning beaches and ever-changing countryside, including the mountains of the Basque area and open plains of Madrid.

Spain is large, so there are regional differences in culture, food, wine, and dialects.

Never be in a hurry when you are exploring Spain, as the tiny little known places are the best and often, along with its people, make the greatest memories.


Spain’s capital city is situated in the center of the country and is a wonderful mixture of culture, elegant boulevards, and gorgeous green spaces like Retiro Gardens.



Cosmopolitan and famous for its art and architecture, Barcelona is a ‘must-see’ city with beaches, 20 Michelin stars for its food, and great nightlife.



This fascinating port city on the south-east coast is known as the city of ‘arts and sciences’ and is also home to the most famous Spanish dish – Paella.



The cathedral has an impressive interior with numerous chapels. Next door stands the Royal Chapel, where several Roman Catholic kings are buried.



Capital of the southern Andalusian region and rich in Moorish heritage, Seville is famous for flamencos, tapas, and oranges.


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