6 Things to Do in Camden Town London

Once the Rock n Roll capital, this North London borough now embraces diverse alternative tastes, attracting punks, hippies, goths, emos, metalheads, rockers, vintage enthusiasts, and tourists.

Camden is literally buzzing with energy and full of creativity and colour, a heady vibe that isn’t found anywhere else in the city.

So, explore the top attractions, enjoy the street music, and wander the narrow alleys selling everything as you enter an alternative world where anything goes.

Go Shopping

Camden Market is one of, if not the, most popular attraction in Camden Town for shopaholics with alternative tastes.


Tap Your Feet to the Beat

Beyond music and alcohol, enjoy comedy at Camden Highlight, fringe performances at the Etcetera Theatre, and various festivals throughout the year.


Enjoy the Arts

If pop culture combined with photography is your thing, visit the Proud Gallery and look at the prints that document fashion, music and pop culture mostly through the Rock n Roll era.


Discover Heritage and History

Think of Camden and museums and architecture aren’t the first thing that come to mind but you can uncover some surprising hidden gems.


Enjoy the Canal

If you follow the walking/jogging/cycling trails far enough you’ll reach Paddington but if that sounds like a little too much effort, hop on boat and cruise down the canal!


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