Best Beach Holidays, Destinations and Vacations in December

I’ve scoured the globe for you to find a whole host of warm beaches in December so you just need to pick one of the following destinations and start planning your getaway.

As the northern hemisphere starts cooling down throughout autumn and winter, you need to start looking slightly further afield to get your sunshine fix.

Check out tropical destinations like Goa, Belize, and Malaysia for your next December vacation.


As Mexico is such a huge country it makes a fantastic year-round destination as you can always find somewhere with some sun no matter the time of year.



This collection of islands is geared up to create an awesome beach vacation, with warm waters, idyllic palm-fringed beaches, and coral reefs that could keep you entertained for weeks on end!


Southern Sri Lanka

With evening temperatures sitting around 24°C, Southern Sri Lanka is ideal for dining on the coast, eating fresh seafood with your feet in the sand!



This weather makes it ideal for unwinding on Jamaica’s beaches, sipping cocktails, and reading books to your heart’s content.



Australia, in particular, the Gold Coast, is absolute epic at this time of year, with the southern hemisphere sun beaming down on the beaches all the way from Sydney to Port Douglas.


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