Best Caribbean Islands to Visit in February

February in the Caribbean is one of the coolest months of the year but with temperatures averaging between 70-80°F.

Visitors from the Northern hemisphere who want to escape the dismal weather back home have nothing to worry about as they laze on the beach or hike through the jungle.

The only question is, which Caribbean Island to choose, we hope this story will help you decide the best island for you.

Cayman Islands

Visit the Caymans in February and you can expect temperatures of between 65°F-85°F with little chance of rain.


St. Lucia

When you’re ready for some culture, explore the fishing villages and then head over to Pigeon Island, the national park dotted with ruined military fortifications from colonial times.



Often overlooked in favor of the more famous and larger Caribbean islands, Antigua is great for couples as well as families looking to kick back and relax under the breezy blue sky.



Barbados is the ideal family-friendly destination for culture enthusiasts and nature lovers, offering more than just water activities. 



Mountains, beautiful beaches, tropical gardens with hummingbirds, jungle waterfalls, diving, snorkeling, and pre-Columbian history will fill your days when you’re visiting this island. 


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