Best Day Trips from Naples

Naples is one of the unmissable stops of any trip to Italy thanks to its fascinating history, local folklore, picturesque streets, and typical food. 

This city alone is worth a trip, but there are many other amazing destinations just a few miles away!

 Here’s a list of the best day trips you can plan when visiting Naples and Campania!


This ancient Roman town became worldwide famous because of one of the worst natural disasters in history: the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD.



It’s lesser-known than Pompeii, but it was also destroyed in 79 AD. It was a small town, and you can visit its archeological park in a couple of hours.


Amalfi Coast

One of the most iconic destinations in Southern Italy combines relaxation, glamour, history, and nature.



A colorful and vibrant town where you’ll be able to experience local folklore and taste some specialties like Limoncello.



It’s mostly famous for its Baroque Royal Palace, but there are a couple of other attractions nearby that are worth the detour.


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