Best European Cities for Christmas

Christmas is one of the best times of the year to visit Europe for many reasons.

Not only is the continent completely transformed into a winter wonderland, but each countryand city has its own unique culture and celebrations.

If you’re looking for the best cities in Europe to spend Christmas, this story will help you with your journey. Here you’ll find some of the top European cities for Christmas to visit.

London, United Kingdom

The city is packed with festive activities to do, like ice skating near the Tower of London and even Christmas markets.


Paris, France

Paris becomes a magical Christmas destination with markets, such as the one at Champs de Mars beneath the Eiffel Tower, offering unique Parisian gifts.


Vienna, Austria

As Austria’s capital, Vienna offers plenty of things to do during the Christmas season.


Prague, Czech Republic

This market is one of the largest in Prague and is known for its delicious cinnamon rolls called Trdelník.


Budapest, Hungary

These baths are some of the largest in all of Europe and located outdoors so you can sit in their warm waters while watching people shop around in the nearby Christmas markets.


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