Best Place To See the Northern lights in Norway

Few experiences on this earth can rival that of standing beneath the magical glow of the aurora borealis, the legendary “northern lights.

In Norway, the phenomenon of the aurora borealis has profoundly influenced local culture and folk heritage.

Dying in battle was a prevalent theme in Norse mythology, and the aurora was also believed to be the Bifröst, the pathway to Valhalla and the afterlife.


Tromsø is located at 69°N, right in the middle of the aurora zone and is the largest city in Northern Norway with a population of just over 70,000. 



The night skies here are often clear and sparkling, which makes it a fantastic place to see the Northern Lights dance above the mountaintops.



Bodø is one of the southernmost places in Norway to view the Northern Lights The best vantage point when visiting Bodø for seeing them is Mount Rønvik, just 3 kilometers from the city.


Lofoten Islands

The northern side of the islands offers the greatest chance of seeing the aurora. Gimsøysa is one of the best places to experience the Northern Lights of Lofoten. 


Vesterålen Islands

Just north of the Lofoten Islands, the archipelago of Vesterålen is a region rich in fishing culture, art, and of course, front-row seats to the Northern Lights.


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