Best Souvenirs to Buy from Thailand

Thailand is a gem of a country with something to offer just about everybody. 

From its ancient ruins and golden temples to tropical beaches and verdant mountains, it’s replete with intrigues to keep you traveling back for more.

There’s just about everything on offer here, from tasty snacks and traditional spices to unique pottery and local crafts.

Khon mask (or puppet)

Khon performance masks, showcasing various personalities, expressions, and decorations, are available for purchase in specialty shops and markets throughout the country.


Thai silk

Made from the cocoons of two varieties of Thai silkworm, silk in Thailand accounts for millions of dollars worth of exports.


Thai spices

Thai cuisine, globally acclaimed for its aromatic and highly spiced dishes, owes its distinctive flavors to the prized herbs and spices that enrich the country's gastronomic repertoire.


Benjarong  (Thai porcelain)

With its origins in Ming dynasty China, benjarong was originally made exclusively for the royal court but has since become more readily available.


Koh Kret pottery

Locals from the area still create the ceramics, with many workshops and places to purchase your own piece of Koh Kret pottery abounding on the island.


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