Best waterfalls in The Philippines

Over the past few years, we have been to a LOT of waterfalls in Asia. However, I can honestly say that few countries compare when it comes to the natural beauty of The Philippines.

In fact, no matter which island you choose to visit, there’s always going to be a few stunning waterfalls to see. But with so many hundreds of great waterfalls, how do you even pick the “the best”?

The waterfalls in the Philippines are stunning. With natural beauty and shockingly affordable prices, many people move here permanently just for the low cost of living.

Cambugahay Falls, Siquijor

Discover a series of side-by-side waterfalls here, not the largest but certainly providing an incredible amount of fun!


Lugnason Falls, Siquijor

Here you can stand back and enjoy the crystal blue waters from above, or you can go for a dip to cool off from the heat of the day!


Ingkumhan Falls, Bohol

When you arrive, you will find that a large rope swing has been set up, however, it’s very confusing to attempt on your own; which is where your guide comes in!


Secret Falls, Bohol

After exploring Ingkumhan Falls, you can ask your guide to take you to Secret Falls, located about a 15 to 20-minute drive away and aptly named for its elusive charm!


Pamuayan Falls, Port Barton

Located 4km from Port Barton, many people choose to hike the whole way here, enjoying the scenic views along the way. 


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