One Day in Verona: 11 Things To See and Do 

From Juliet’s famous balcony to museums and archeological sites, there is so much to explore in Verona, Italy. 

Don’t worry if you’re short on time – with this guide of things to do in Verona in one day; you’ll be able to fit in all the highlights and still have time to relax at a local cafe. 

After visiting Verona a few times myself, here’s what I would choose to do with just one day in the city.

Be in Awe of the Roman Arena in the Piazza Bra

This grand amphitheater is where famous gladiators once battled, and hunts of dangerous exotic animals took place.


Fall in Love at Juliet’s House

Romantics and William Shakespeare fans worldwide have made pilgrimages to this brick and stone building with ivy-covered walls.


View Verona From the Top of the Torre dei Lamberti

The tower, Torre dei Lamberti, stands tall on the skyline and cannot be missed while visiting the Piazza delle Erbe.


Visit the Piazza dei Signori

This piazza used to be the centre of power in Verona. Bordering this charming square are buildings that once housed the former government. 


Admire the Tombs of the Scaligeri Family

Their Gothic-style, intricately stone-carved sarcophagi are a must-see while visiting the town they once ruled over.


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