The Best 13 Day Trips From Madrid, Spain

While the Spanish capital has loads to offer even the most discerning traveler and city-breaker, there may be times when you want to explore a little more than just the city sights.

It is then that you’ll need inspiration about the best day trips from Madrid to whet your travel appetite.

If you can’t get enough of Spanish culture there’s no better way to soak it up than spending a few days in the capital before taking some exciting day trips to spectacular spots around the region.


One of the best options to spend a fun day near the Spanish capital is to visit the nearby city of Valladolid.


Alcala de Henares 

The town of about 200,000 inhabitants is a repository of great Spanish culture, particularly art and literature.


Sierra de Guadarrama National Park

It is the Peñalara Mountain that is the highest in the region, and the image of its reflection in the lake on a clear days is one of the most serene sights.



It is most famous for the Casas Colgantes (Hanging Houses).  These are houses that are perched right on the edge of the cliff.



Toledo’s history is staggering – it has witnessed the rise and falls of several eras and rulers, starting from the Roman Empire to the Arab and now, modern Spain.


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