The Best Christmas Markets in Austria

As the Christmas season comes around, towns and cities throughout Austria start to set up their Christmas markets for this festive season.

These markets will invite you in with warm glowing lights and the captivating smells of simmering apples, roasting chestnuts, and the spicy Glühwein.

Here are some of the most popular Austrian cities and towns to visit for Christmas markets.


Christmas markets in Vienna are some of the oldest and most historic ones. You’ll find very traditional Christmas markets here in Austria’s capital.



They also have a very romantic ambiance with many of the markets being located beneath towering snow-covered mountains and colorful lights.



Salzburg has Christmas markets located under historic buildings. You can stroll under them while marveling at their architecture.



You can often find stunning Christmas displays here, like the ice nativity scene in the Landhaus Courtyard.


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