The Best Christmas Markets in France

In France, you’ll find plenty of celebrations leading up to this holiday that include making delicious dishes and handcrafted items for all to enjoy.

To help you out, this story will explore some of the best Christmas markets in France you can visit.

This section will highlight six of the top Christmas markets you can explore while in the country for the holiday season.

The Christmas Market of Colmar

The streets are lined with various types of stalls that are nestled beneath ancient trees lit up with twinkling lights.


The Christmas Market of Amiens

From the last weekend in November to the end of December each year, the city of Amiens plays host to the largest Christmas market in northern France.


The Christmas Market of Strasbourg

One market is the traditional Christmas market which is decorated with classic French Christmas items and focuses on the true meaning of the holiday.


The Christmas Market of Paris

Here you’ll find skating rinks, choirs, and delicious treats you can try while browsing through the various stalls that offer many unique items.


The Christmas Market of Lille

Lille decks the entire city out in dazzling lights and creates a spectacular market guests can shop at for Christmas gifts and food.


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