The Best Christmas Markets in Germany

Unique traditions, different customs, delicious food and local specialities, gorgeous backdrops to the Christmas markets, and hundreds of uniquely designed stalls all await you in Germany.

Urban legends, Christmas carols, little prune men, many versions of Father Christmas, and an array of activities all make Germany the perfect to place to spend your Christmas holidays at.

Enjoy the warm food, the mulled wine, festivals, the stalls, and take a journey through time in Germany’s Christmas markets!


An incomparable magical charm, an alluring lively atmosphere, and a mixture of the cold and snowy winter with the large boulevards, squares and Christmas markets will surely make your visit worthwhile.



Dresden is a traditional city, with the largest number of Christmas markets in the Eastern part of Germany. 



One the oldest and one of the largest markets in all of Europe lies in Stuttgart. The Old Palace acts as a gorgeous backdrop to the 200+ stalls in the market.



Munich’s Christmas markets go back to the 14th century, and the Christmas markets take place in Marienplatz – the heart of the city center.



Nuremberg is known as the little town of wood and cloth and has an incredible medieval charm and over 180 market stands.


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