Things to Do in Akureyri, Iceland

From its settlement in the 9th century by Norse Vikings to its use as an airbase during World War II, the city has developed as the northern hub of Iceland.

With its skyscraper-esque church, art museum, and a whole host of repurposed industrial buildings, Akureyri has its own brand of Nordic cool.

Add to this the benefit of being within easy reach of impressive waterfalls, snow-capped peaks for skiing, and whale-watching opportunities. The city is a natural base for exploring the region.

Visit Akureyrarkirkja

Akureyri's 1940s church, a city centerpiece, boasts a modernist design reminiscent of early skyscrapers, housing a 3,200-pipe organ.


See the Laufas Turf Houses

Just outside the city, along the road that leads to Grenivik, are these fascinating turf houses at Laufas.


Go on a Whale Watching Tour

Iceland, in general, is a fantastic place to go whale watching, and the city of Akureyri is no different.


Stroll around Akureyri’s Botanical Garden

Famed for being the northernmost botanical garden in the world, Akureyri Botanical Garden sits on the edge of a residential part of town.


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