Things to do in Petra, Jordan –  A Complete Guide 

Petra, the Capital of the Nabataean Arabs and located in modern day Jordan, became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1986.

It had been lost to the outside world for centuries until 1812 when Joannes Burckhardt, a Swiss explorer, persuaded a Bedouin guide to show him the ‘’lost city.’’ 

There are many facets to Petra from tombs in the mountainside to temples, streets and churches. Here are the highlights of the ‘’red-rose’’ city.

Bab Al Siq

As you approach Petra, the entrance gateway welcomes you with three massive carved rocks, featuring the 1st Century Obelisk Tomb and four pyramids for your first photo opportunity.


The Siq

The Siq, Petra's ancient main entrance, spans 1200 meters from the Dam to the vault, with a narrow gorge varying in width up to 12 meters and towering 80 meters high.


The Treasury (Al Khazna)

This magnificent facade is about 40 metres high with intricate decoration; friezes and figures and much more.


The Street of Facades

Close to the Treasury and the outer Siq you will find this Street and a row of Nabataean tombs carved in the cliff face. 


The Theatre

The ancient world had many huge amphitheatres but Petra’s with three rows of seats with passageways between held just 4,000.


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