Things to Do in Pienza, Tuscany

Pienza is a charming small town located at the heart of Tuscany, only 50 Km away from Siena. It’s a popular destination for a day trip, both among locals and visitors. 

Unlike many other Tuscan towns, Pienza has no Roman, Etruscan, or Medieval pieces of heritage. That’s because it did not exist (at least in its modern shape) until 1459!

Pienza is internationally famous for its pecorino cheese, which is one of the best gastronomic specialties of Tuscany. Here’s a list of what you can see and do in Pienza:

Have a stroll in the old town

Pienza’s old town was added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 1996 because it represents the ideal Renaissance city.


Stop in Pio II Square

The heart of Pienza is this trapezoidal square, which was dedicated to the city founder: Piccolomini Pope.


Enter the Cathedral

The Cathedral is dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta, and the Pope had a very precise idea about how it had to look. 


Visit Piccolomini Palace

It was the model for all the Renaissance palaces that were later built in Italy, so its façade and structure might look familiar.


Stop in front of the City Hall

Its Renaissance-style arcades are typical of that time, as well as its towers.


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