What Is Thailand Famous For?

Whether you prefer exploring mountain villages by motorbike, getting lost in its vibrant capital city, or simply lounging on the beach, this Southeast Asian country offers it all.

Long a backpacking mecca, Thailand has a wealth of culture to its name, with Buddhist heritage and ancient ruins in abundance — and that’s without mentioning its mouthwatering culinary credentials.

There’s more to Thailand than first meets the eye, all waiting to be discovered.


With all of its forests, hills, beaches, and viewpoints, it’s no wonder that Thailand is an amazing place for hiking. 



Buddhism is the national religion of Thailand, and this can be seen most visibly in the many temples dotted across the country.


Floating markets

Situated along the many waterways in Thailand, you’ll find the country’s famous floating markets.


Night marketS

These nocturnal shopping spots are popular places to pick up all manner of goods in Thailand, from souvenirs to street food.



Traditional Thai cuisine is spicy and aromatic and features everything from fiery and sweet papaya salads to curries and stir-fried dishes.


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