What to pack for your summer holidays to Greece

Packing-List Greece

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Packing-List Greece

Greece is a very popular holiday destination all year round. It offers visitors the chance to experience vibrant cities, picturesque villages, archaeological sites, unique islands, incredible beaches with turquoise waters and mouth-watering food.

One of my biggest anxieties when traveling is what to take with me. For that reason I have prepared a list with all the things you need to pack for your holidays to Greece during the months of May till October.

Clothes, Shoes and Accessories

As the weather from the end of April starts to get warm you should bring with you shorts, tank tops, casual dresses and a formal dress if you want to dine in a posh place. Also a pair of trousers and a light jacket is necessary in case it gets a bit windy especially at nights. A shawl is also a must and don’t forget your swimsuit and beach towel. Most of the time the temperature of the sea is good for swimming from May.

Non slippery comfortable shoes are necessary if you want to go hiking or want to visit some archaeological sites.  A pair of flip-flops for the beach and a pair of flat sandals for wandering around te streets of Athens or the islands.  If you want to bring  something with hills prefer the wedges which are easier to walk in cobbled streets.

A small backpack is essential if you want to go hiking and for putting your things for the beach. Also a small shoulder bag is ideal to keep  your wallet and camera with you at all times.


Sun-glasses, hat and sunscreen

The temperature can get very high in the summer months. You should always put sunscreen to avoid getting burnt and a hat so that you don’t suffer from a sun stroke. Also drink a lot of water. You don’t want to ruin your holidays.


Apart from your make up, make sure you take with you a moisturizing cream for your face, eyes and body. The sun and sea tend to make the skin dry. A razor, shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Toothpaste and toothbrush. Hair brush and hair ties. Finally don’t forget your deodorant it gets very hot and you want to smell nice.

Prescriptions and other

If you are using any kind of medication make sure you take it with you. Also you should bring motion sickness pills especially if  you are going to the islands. Another important item you should pack is a mosquito repellent for your body and one for your room. You don’t want to lose your sleep.

Loutro Crete
me at Loutro Crete

Tech Gear

Your mobile phone and your mirrorless travel camera are necessary. Greece is very beautiful and there are plenty of opportunities to take photos. Don’t forget the chargers and the european adapter if you are traveling from outside of Europe. If you want to bring your laptop or tablet it’s up to you.

Traveling documents and money

Bring with you your passport and check with the Greek embassy in your country if you need a visa. When I travel I want to have with me a variety of options concerning money. I always have some cash, my debit card so that I can withdraw money from the ATM’s and my credit card.


Books and a mp4 make great company for the time you will spend on the ship, at the airport and on the beach.

Now if you forget something, don’t worry  you can buy it at your destination.

skiathos port
skiathos port


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