What to Pack for Greece – Packing Checklist and Clothing Tips!

Are you heading to Greece during the warmer months and so wondering what to pack for Greece in May through to October?  In this Greece packing list, I will not only give some tips on what to wear in Greece in May and the following warmer months but also a list of all the other items you should be packing for Greece.

I highly recommend you print off this packing list for Greece and tick the items off as you pack your things to take to Greece.

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What to Wear in Greece In Summer (May up to October)

From the end of April, the weather in Greece is starting to get warm and you are wondering what to pack to Greece in terms of clothes?  I recommend you bring the following clothing items with you:

  • Shorts: 2-3 comfortable pairs of shorts for wearing down to the beach or walking around town.  I like shorts such as the one’s pictured here – click here to check out the price. 
  • Tank tops: 3 tops to mix and match with your shorts.
  • Casual dresses: 1-2 dresses, depending upon whether you prefer wearing dresses or shorts you might take more dresses and less shorts or vice versa. Dresses like the one pictured here a perfect and you can dress them up for a casual dinner at night too –click here to check out the price.
  • A more formal dress if you want to dine in a posh place.
  • A pair of trousers for colder nights.
  • light jacket in case it gets a bit windy especially at nights.  3 in 1 jackets are perfect as they keep you warm and protect you from the rain too click here to find out more about the jacket pictured here.
  • Underwear: I recommend 2 bras and a pair of knickers for each day.
  • Swimsuit: Bring 2 so you can wear one and let the other one dry.

What to Pack For a Summer Vacation In Greece

So above we talked about what to bring to Greece in terms of clothing, now let’s talk about all the other things you will need.

1. Shoes for Greece – What to Pack

  • Non slippery comfortable shoes are necessary if you want to go hiking or want to visit some archaeological sites.  These Merrell sneakers come in a great range of colors, click here for more information
  • A pair of flip-flops for the beach. 
  • A pair of comfortable flat sandals for wandering around the streets of Athens or the islands.  Sandals such as these one’s from Teva are great – you could even use these for light hikes too and they come in a range of great colors.  Click here for more information about these Teva sandals. 
  • If you want to bring something with heals, my packing tips for Greece are to bring wedges which are easier to walk in cobbled streets.
Greece packing list - Image of Santorini Balconies by the sea

2. Luggage and Bags


3. Sun Protection

When packing for Greece in May and the following months, bear in mind the temperature can get very high in the summer months. You should always put sunscreen to avoid getting burnt and a hat so that you don’t suffer from a sun stroke. Also drink a lot of water. You don’t want to ruin your holidays.

4. Electronics 

When it comes to electronics and tech gear, in terms of what to take on holiday to Greece is a personal thing,

  • Waterproof phone pouch: if don’t want to bring an underwater camera, turn your mobile phone into one with a waterproof phone pouch.
  • European adapter if you are traveling from outside of Europe you will need a plug adaptor for Greece.  Click here to buy one from Amazon. 
  • Some people like to bring their laptop or tablet it’s up to you.
  • Headphones: For listing to music or streaming movies on your phone – I like ones like this so as they are noise cancelling ones. 
  • MP4: Great for listening to music.
  • Chargers: don’t forget all the various chargers you need to keep your tech gear charged.
  • Power Bank: Bring a charger to keep all your electronics fully charged throughout your trip.  Taking endless amounts of photos each day can easily drain your phone while you’re and about.  One like this Anker one is ideal as it is lightweight and can charge 2 devices at once.  Click here for more information about this portable charger
  • Spotypal: If you’re the type of person who never leaves home without a long search for your keys, wallet or camera (like I am!) then you need to have Spotypal in your life! This useful little Bluetooth assistant will have you whistling out of the house in no time as it helps you locate your personal items without hassle. The small, lightweight Spotypal assistant can be easily attached to your keys or slotted into your wallet, and the internal GPS system will send notifications to your smartphone to help you locate your misplaced item. It even works the other way around, so if you have your keys but can’t find your phone, simply use the device to call your phone and it will help you find it, even if it’s on silent! Greece packing listIt’s also great for travelling as there is nothing worse than leaving something important behind in a hotel room when you’re heading to the airport or off on public transport.Not only can Spotypal help you locate your personal items when they are in the vicinity, but it can also give you updates on the item’s last know location so you can track it if you think it may have been lost or stolen.Even if you simply drop something or leave it at a table when you walk out of a restaurant, Spotypal will send you a two-way separation notification to your phone when it realises that you have split up – clever, huh?!Another fantastic feature is the SOS alert system. Of course, I hope you’ll never need to use this feature, but if you ever find yourself in any danger, you can simply press the button on the Spotypal and it can send an SOS alert with your location to your chosen contacts.This device is small but surprisingly mighty and once you buy one you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

5. Toiletries: What to take to Greece on Holiday

Ok so toiletries – what to take to Greece on holiday?  Following is a comprehensive list of all the toiletries you will need whilst in Greece.  You can of course buy all these items in Greece, so its up to you which ones you bring from home and which ones you purchase once you arrive.

  • Make Up
  • Shampoo and conditioner: a small travel size, enough for one week is plenty. 
  • Moisturizing cream for your face, eyes and body, the sun and sea tend to make the skin dry.
  • razor – you can get small on the go ones like this – click here to get one from Amazon. 
  • Deodorant: it gets very hot in Greece you won’t want to forget this one! 
  • Any required medication you might need. At least bring some pain killers, you don’t want to have to be worried about where the nearest pharmacy is just because you have a headache.
  • Motion sickness pills: Especially important if you plan on going island hopping. 
  • Mosquito repellent: You will need this before heading out in the evening. 
  • Lastly, if you want to travel carry on only you will need 100 ml non leak containers to store your liquids.  Click here to buy these ones from Amazon.
Me at Loutro, Crete at the harbor in Summer - Greece packing list

me at Loutro Crete


6. Beach Stuff

  • Beach Towel: When choosing a beach towel, I recommend one with microfibres that is lightweight and dries fast. Another reason I like it is that the sand won’t stick on it. I would choose a similar to this one
  • Beach Shoes: there can be a lot of rocks on the beaches of Greece so a pair of slip on mesh beach shoes can be useful to protect your feet.  These shoes pictured come in a range of great colors – click here for more information.
  • Swimsuit Cover Up or a Sarong: A swimsuit cover is perfect for wearing down to the beach, but you might prefer a sarong as you can also use this to cover your shoulders or legs if you visit a monastery.
  • Beach bag: Bring a beach bag to put all your items in, or if you prefer just use your backpack as discussed above.

7. Travel Documents You Need to Get Into Greece

  • Passport / Visa: Bring with you your passport and check here if you need a visa.
  • Passport holder: Consider a RFID passport wallet like the one pictured. 
  • Document holder: These come in handy when you have multiple tickets for transport, tours and hotels. 
  • Money: When I travel I want to have with me a variety of options concerning money. I always have some cash, my debit card so that I can withdraw money from the ATM’s and my credit card.
  • Security pouch: For keeping your money safe. 
  • Travel Insurance: Never leave home without it!

8. Other Things You Might Want to Bring

  • Books make great company for the time you will spend on the ship, at the airport and on the beach.
  • Greece travel guide 
  • Travel Pillow: Useful for long flights or ferry rides.  I really like the kind pictured here as you can use it in multiple positions.
skiathos port - Greece packing list
skiathos port

Have you ever been to Greece?

Do you have anything to add in this list?


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  1. I’m going to be packing a torch (fumbling around in an unfamiliar hotelroom at night can be dangerous!) and some travel binoculars for the finer details at the ruins and on Mykonos

  2. This is AMAZING!!! I will be in Greece from May-October and this list was right up my alley!!! Only problem is that I can’t print the list. It only prints the first page. Can you please create the list in a PDF file or tell me what I need to do, to print the whole list? Thanks so much!!!


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